Day 2 of posting this until ags acknowledges


Look at ‘Dev Tracker’…3 days since any activity. Even THEY are to ashamed to respond to anything on forums knowing how huge of a screw up they’ve made in the last week, don’t expect much

Every Dex player is a twink


whats the issue in the clip?

20 ranged User. Musket. bow. fire staff. ice gaunlet void. life staff

4 days now…. Only the German forums

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OPR is full of Bows.
Wars are mostly bruisers going monkey mode.
Arenas are just duos with healer in sigle queue (yeah, I love how pre made group can queue in solo queue).
Seems quite diverse to me in terms of gameplay choices XD So when is this ‘balancing’ patch? In 2 months? Yeahh I see players numbers go down, down, down.

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It’s legit like star wars atm :rofl::rofl:

So glad Hogwarts got released. Something to do, while they decide if they wanna fix it, or shut it down.


It’s new world: battlefront :joy:


I’m surprised you weren’t tbagged by someone after this


bAlAnCe PaTcH InCoMiNg


We’re slowly becoming friends. I can’t believe it. We agree once again!

You should have started these posts 6 months ago. We would be on 180 days plus of this crap.

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pew pew pew pew

gEt bEtTeR. Just stack 70% thrust, ele and remember to duck, dodge, dive, duck again. 100% skill issue. At 5% health when you catch someone you just LMB (melee like dumb ape) ez :rofl:



I dont quite understand.

Your running around in the enemies spawn and expect not to get hit or something?

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