(Day 3) Another request for an update on New transfer tokens for older accounts that weren't logged on to get one

I am going to post this once a day until I get some sort of answer on if the new tokens are being worked on, if they will be on time for winter event, or if they are going to find a way to give old accounts transfer tokens. I am not asking for new ones for mule accounts. Purely people who were supposed to get them in the first round that weren’t logged on to get them as many missed the memo.

I am not trying to be disruptive I am only posting once per day so as to not over spam or overload the already hard working staff. I do have serious concerns over losing players who want to come back, and one of those players is my brother with a week one character stuck on the wrong server who was waiting to come back when more things had been updated.

I am not asking for anything more from the staff than tokens for people that they were meant for.


They stated that there will be no new tokens until merges have been completed, so its going to take a while unfortunately.

Regarding your brother, he could try to contact AGS support team and ask for a new token, if you have a good story they might give you one. It doesn’t work for everyone, so its pretty much a gamble. Good luck!

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We have tried with support they pretty much said tough luck. (in nicer words). Also where did you see the post saying they will do tokens after merges I haven’t seen much news other than someone else saying they were trying for end of the year with tokens but that was pure rumor and would be before merges were complete. I am going to take your word for it I am just curious if any more info concerning dates would have been there. It just seems pointless to hold back on transfers for accounts that should have them when I have one but that would leave my friend who transferred to the server I am on stranded. The only issue i could see with issuing new ones is if there is some coding or something that might mess with the merges but I have a token… so idk.

Yea, we definitely could use a little more transparency about their reasoning towards many decisions, such as transfer token distribution. Hopefully you’ll get a solution soon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I did not know that you have to be online to get it, I thought it is automatically put in your store free to use

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Hopefully. The only reason I seen from AGS was they wanted to stop mule accounts from farming low pop and moving to high pop servers but that doesn’t really explain why they aren’t allowing players with older accounts get transfer token. :weary:

anyways I have some hope it can be done soon.

When I asked support why he didn’t have one they said it was because he had to have logged on during token roll out. If you weren’t on after Oct 25 - Nov 22 you simply didn’t have one added to your store.

also his character was made during the first week you had to be actually online during the roll out.

That seems incorrect. Maybe you needed to have played at least for some hours during that time period (to not award tokens to inactive accounts), but very unlikely

CS is infamous for saying inaccurate things

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What I got from amazon after I slowly made the walkthrough of hey he never go a token and he had to be online to get one I was sent this as a response. He has filled out a ticket and just had something like this sent back to him as well. I painstakingly made it clear 1. he never received a token and 2. his character could not be any older. I was told he had to have to have been logged on during the roll out time and that they don’t even have a way to give out tokens or manually move characters at all which seems wrong because as far as I know the existing tokens still work.

When I first posted abut this i had a part complaining about inconsistency in AGS support and wanted a community manager to comment and either confirm yeah he had to be logged on or the support member was wrong and they can move him.

I have been complaining because as far as AGS staff has told me everyone gets 1 per account unless you haven’t logged on even with a previously existing character even a day 1 character between 0ct. 25- Nov. 22

As you can see I am on here because I found support less than useful as 1 support member had said initially they could it would take min. 48 hours during the week to manually transfer him with a ticket.

You might want to go through CS support a few more times, then. Unfortunately the outcome of this rely completely on the hands of whoever picks you up each time, and they are very…inconsistent as you said.

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Yeah its also hard to piece together what the official policy is. I can pull up AGS dev articles that state things like no tokens to new accounts, future tokens to be issues carefully to existing accounts /characters, etc. but nothing I found make anything concrete about the current situation. So if I read a post one way it could read apply for new tokens so we know you aren’t a mule, or no tokens at all under any circumstance and we literally cant do anything until new tokens are rolled out. No dev article I have found says no tokens if you weren’t online for roll out, but i have seen things like no new tokens being issued but then worded in a way to seem like they might be talking about in addition to your 1 per account.

Basically what I could piece together so far is anyone who just wasn’t logged on at the time doesn’t get a token. So if you created a character leveled for a few weeks and decided to come back you are screwed and AGS doesn’t even have the technical ability to move you.

I am not sure I am right at all but would love someone who has gone through this to comment or have a community manager see this and either discredit or reinforce the information so I know to spam support tickets until he is moved or complain every day until these accounts get their token because i know a few people who said they want to come back to the game but left early on.

Edit: No actual spamming is part of my plans I am being a little dramatic. I would probably complain once a day until I hear something more concrete or send in support tickets until the issues is resolved if support was wrong.

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