Day 3 game doesnt launch anymore

Thought I would try once more to see if anyone is experiencing same thing. Game is so broke and forums flooded that what I posted yesterday was quickly buried in the flurry of other posts.

My game no longer will launch. I am met with a frozen New World screen with audio that happens if I tab in or out of the window. Nothing changed my PC was not turned off, nothing updated, Steam didnt even restart. I played New World all day, player a different game for a bit, launched New World and it no longer works.

I get error GetUserStreamSources but every single suggestion has failed to help. I even went and bought a brand new SSD yesterday and cleanly installed Steam and New World, nothing. Ive lost over a TB of installed games trying to fix this. If I run Steam and New World as admin, I get “Steam must be running to play this game. Make sure your’e logged into Steam then try again” Ive sent AGS all my logs and my Dxdiag and they basically have told me that I am SOL. Ive exhausted all possible options to correct this on my end.

@Community-Team is this issue being actively work on or not? My support tickets tells me “it’s being worked on” but yet nowhere has any part of AGS stated this is accurate and truthful. As far as I am concerned my correspondence with AGS has been nothing but copy and paste replies seeing as I was thanked for playing Lost Ark when I am emailing about New World…There is no faith in this process at this point

Probably a dumb question but did you update your video card drivers? I had the same issue and that fixed it.

I was pissed since I have the manufacturer’s app that is supposed to let me know to do that and it didn’t.

Yup I tried reinstalling my GPU drivers and nothing :frowning: Wiped my PC of EAC everywhere. My PC has no RGB or anything. Nothing was connected during the period it worked then didnt. Every single part of my PC system wide is up to date.

What gpu using? - if nvidia, try rolling back to the previous driver.

Are you on windows 10 or 20, the devs have stated the game is not optimized for windows 20, and recommend not upgrading.

Im using the same exact hardware Ive used during my 300+ hours of time already played. The game worked all day, I stopped playing it and played another game, I launched New World and it no longer works. Nothing changed, my PC did not restart, Steam did not restart, NOTHING changed. I cant emphasize “nothing” any further than it literally means “not a single thing system wide changed during the time it worked and did not work”

Rolling back an unchanged driver doesnt make sense. I did try reinstalling my drivers but the last driver update was FEB 12th or something and that is the driver I have been using this entire time so there is nothing to roll back to seeing as A. it never updated any part of the PC nor GPU drivers and B. it worked this entire time

This is the literal joke of a company we are all dealing with. I never said anything about Lost Ark nor did I contact that part of support

Yeah, their support is horrid.
I recommended the driver roll back because this issue was heavily reported a few months ago, and multiple people reported then rollback working.
Short of that, i sadly have nothing for you - don’t know why it quit without any modifications. :pensive:

There isnt any more steps I can take with my GPU drivers I exhausted all options

Every suggestion I found from when this happened back in OCT and NOV of 2021 has solved nothing.

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