Day 3 of asking to revert ice spike

please fix ice spike and return it to a useable state. It was one of the only skill shots in the game. Now its just a style move. Low damage unless against a no conner. Also feels pretty rng. The game needs more skill ceiling. At the moment it is non existent. It wouldn’t be as oppressive due to the new cc changes. #reverticespike

Revert ice spike, but remove the perk from armor which increase the frostbite effect even when You leave the ice effects, sounds fair enough?

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i would be down

Unending thaw? Honestly ice spike isn’t that simple to use in comparison to ice storm. Most of the time I rarely see people even walk out of storm without A dying or B killing you. But yes if ice spike could be buffed to the pre nerf, I would be 100% down for this as well. I miss being able to do burst damage. I believe this is why most people are opting for the ice pylon right now.

gonna be real. Mages don’t need anymore buffs.

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take everything but bring back spike

how about mass nerfs but revert spike

if you let me iframe ice wall during its startup frames like every other ability in the game you can have spike back.

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Haha :joy: you will still get screamed into oblivion and spike probably. Shower it’s way easier to deal with and spike it’s awesome. You can if frame spike instead of ice shower. Spike times were great and it should hit like a truck if landed proper. Requires the ig guy to play melee range and aggressively so that’s good trade off with any melee basically. It’s not like fire staff and bow

yessir make a post #revertthespike

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id love to be deleted by yet another weapon

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#REVERTTHESPIKE spread the word spam posts

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