Day 3 of posting the same thing until its fixed

Please allow players to keybind the RMB… this is an essential button. Its by default the button for aiming & blocking. I want to keybind other actions to the RMB beyond aiming and the game since day 1 use to allow this… now for some reason… i can’t bind these buttons anymore… I use RMB which is block, also to function as my self heal button because lft crl for self healing is aids… come on… what happened.

yes i’ve submitted bug reports…

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ile bedą jeszcze trwać prace konserwacyjne na cetralu EU?

@Maczek_9 ponoć całość ok 2h Server merges downtime - #2 by Kater

od 1;00 do 3;00?
skąd info?

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