Day 8: Nerf the Great Axe Lunge Distance

I posted this a week ago during PTR feedback: [Focus Feedback] Great Axe Changes - #18 by ohyeahhh

Please consider reducing the ridiculous 7-8 body length Great Axe lunge distance on both light and heavy attacks. Not even abilities on other weapons have this strong lunge, let alone auto attacks. In PVP, I see GA users literally just leaping and teleporting from one person to another. There is little to no counterplay to this, as even light armor rolls are still within distance. 3 medium dodges do not go far away.

Here it is in distance markers based on the number of body lengths of a New World character:

P.S. A community manager (Not a fan of these balance changes - #5 by NW_Mugsy) said that we need to provide detailed feedback, and that they listen to all feedback. I can assure you these are lies considering the number of feedback both in the PTR forum + General Discussion + Gameplay Feedback that was given about the overpowered nature of the Great Axe + Warhammer combination.

Also that chain CC is way too good in Wars / Outpost Rush with no counterplay other than using GA/WH itself.


Yeah today i was max zoomed out from my character, didnt see any1 behind me and suddenly fucking greataxe rooted to me like nothing…


Because the game is trashhh, and management are all trolls, doent even know how to play candy crush i bet

I have 595+ set ups for dex int and now str, and I tried it in OPR for the first time with 16 great axe and 11 hammer. Never pvped on this set up before either. It’s unreal how low the skill ceiling is, how high the mobility is, how effective the lunge and tracking is, how bursty and strong the stuns and roots are, how tanky you are etc etc.

Whoever thinks strength is even close to balanced is smoking crack.


playing Great Axe is like playing at easy diff

everything is practically done for you.


Mannnnn ive been saying this since beta, the lunges are ridiculous and nobody can really escape.

Im surprised we dont have people in the comments saying well get better at dodging.

Anyways i 100% agree that Great Axe lunges need to be nerfed. It should also swing slower,but hit harder if that makes sense. Its the most noob friendly weapon in the game to just spam left click and have so many CC abilities.


no this is ridiculous. it is fine as is lol.

Lol that GA lunge is frustrating to deal with. Ever try attacking a GA user who is light attack spamming a fleeing ally? My attacks kept missing most of the time because the GA lunge was like some mini forward dodge. If only I could lunge like that with my spear…


Im sorry you are so bad at this game that you don’t see this as an issue. Maybe when this OP weapon gets nerfed, you’ll actually have to aim and use skill for once?

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Holy s***! MAGE NEEDS A NERF!!

They shot themselves in the foot starting with such an awful pvp balance. Because now they’re in a vicious circle where nerfing weapons will make players maining these quit, and if they buff others it becomes even harder to balance.
I used to play bow until they fked it this patch, now I don’t play anymore. They just don’t have the vision right now.

“its fine as it as” - said every GA/WH left mouse click spammer. Your day of reckoning will come


Its a design decision, its the counter for the lowskill dodgespam pve glasscannons. How can somebody not understand this?
Every other meleeweapon counters GA, the weapon is… really not that strong.

For me the current “meta” is perfect. I kill all the GA, who are forced to play GA because of all the runners, and enjoy their tears.
I dont want even more lowskill pve dodgespam runner builds in pvp. They are annoying trash and should be removed from the game entirely.

Did you ever play a OPR against 10x musket/bows? It was the worst OPR ever and made me quit for the day. Go play COD if you want this kind of meta.

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Imagine calling a glass cannon build that rely on kiting and aiming “no skill” while defending a weapon who’s skill ceilling consist of holding w and spamming left click.

If you’re being kited as a greataxe user, you’re beyond saving. Even when i stop playing this game i will keep an eye on this forum just so i can see the tears of all the GA mains when they inevitably nerf that garbage auto play glorified cookie clicker weapon


I assume you are using FS + IG ?
or maybe Void gauntlet + IG ?
probably the only counter to GA users

and obviously if it is from distance, Musket/Bow can easily kill GA users

yes Im a GA users, and I sometimes being kited by FS + IG or Musket/Bow + Rapier/Spear
beyond saving :frowning:

dps sword, spear, rapier or hatchet… I play many weapons. Never have any problems against a ga… but im wearing heavy armor! They are all running the gapclosing build, which is no threat for other melees. A way bigger problem for me, like I said, are the lightarmor pve players who keep running away… most weapons are kited to death without much resistance.

…and about the new void gauntlet: oof… the dps tree obliterates ga in an instant XD

rebuff fstaff

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wheres the thumbs down for these kinds of posts

I’m expecting to see a void blade nerf. You aren’t wrong though I can destroy these GAXE/Hammer guys with it in seconds if I land my root and they have already used charge and they don’t gravity well me and chain hammer stun me while they are rooted etc etc… So yeah in the perfect circumstance where I make 0 mistakes and he makes a bunch I will win very easy. <3

Void blade very strong though when you are face to face.

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