Day/Night cycle indicator

A suggestion basically.

Something small next to, or under the compass at the top indicating where we are in the day/night cycle, or even on the map somewhere?



I’d rather see real time day/night cycle, based on server location. it sucks playing shiny games at night, and vice versa.

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Not a very good suggestion tbh because If I only have time to play at night, then I will never see the day cycle.

I am all in for an indicator though.


This would also interfere with gathering glowworms from flint.

I have something for ya. I was asking Help how to determine what time it is in-game, and I was standing in windward, and I heard the belltower chime. I timed it and it chimes every 5 minutes. I’m unsure if it’s safe to say that is an hour just because normal clocks chime every hour, so I decided to stand there for a while to listen to it and research it a bit. Here’s my writeup on the cycle. This IS the Day / Night Cycle

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