DC'd whilst in MUT Expedition - Unable to RC server issues

Dc’d a total of 4 times whilst inside Laz due to server errors so I had to replace myself with someone else effectively losing my orb I had waited for to CD and the Umbral we were on track for.

Is there any way I can have this refunded?

Please advise.

Server: Adiri - AP Southeast
Char name: HELLANCE

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Thank you so much for sharing this issue with us!

I really apologize about the server error that cause you a disconnection in the middle of the expedition. I truly understand this can be an inconvenience for you a your group progesion.

My best advice is to contact customer support ; they can take the necesary actions to investigate further in your case in specific, and have an answer for you as soon as possible

Hope this information helps; Keep gaming!

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