De-Sync / Ability Queue 🚨 - Official petition to change combat back to 1.3 before "February's patch"

Makes me so upset. AGS what are you doing!?!?1 This was supposed to be my game for the next 5 years atleast.

PLEASE. Fix this ASAP. Please cancel the game if you need more time to get this figured out and fix. Bring the game back when it is in a state where it can THRIVE instead of being in a 6 month state of decline.


Yeah, the stuttering/rubberbanding/de-sync is pretty terrible. This is definitely feeling worse than before they made these last round of changes. :frowning:


Here’s another one, this happens all the time with IG. See my character shaking, I am trying to light attack but it just causes this glitchy animation as I left click. Only dodging fixes it.


Its the IG… I have been having healing issues since IG became meta and everyone is freaking using it in OPR. Dsync is horrible now. When people were running GA/WA, I did not have this problem. Just rework the IG in wars/OPR. Make it less graphic. IDC just make it to where we don’t have this issue. Heals NOT CASTING. Heals NOT WORKING all together. Heal circles being PLACED IN THE WRONG SPOT AFTER CASTED. I was healing over 1.4 mil in OPR pre patch but due to dsync its literally down to 100k… Its def not personal connectivity issues… That is for sure I can promise you…

its not a graphical issue, the VG also has the same problem. I can’t isolate what the actual issue is, but its something that needs to have some attention brought to it asap

Just gonna leave this here :slight_smile:


rough life that one

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@Developer ???
Febrary’s patch should has been removed from the game the day one it went to live.
It shouldnt has been released to live!!!
17th march … still unplayable

Are devs planing to revert ALL combat changes to before February’s patch? Like it was on 27th of september?
1 - Yes
2 - No
3 - Devs are still thinking about that and needs more time to give us an answer.
4 - Devs are going to ignore this and are working on a “new expedition” and a “new weapon” that wont fix any of these issues.

We need some info


number 4

easily 4. the bugs on live still exist on the new PTR, they are blissfully unaware of the combat bugs

If they are unaware of the desync and weapon swapping issues then they really are out of touch with their player base and these forums and we are all just wasting our time.


Updated 2 hours ago.
This is what AGS is working on.

Each day they work on a broken version, each day this will be more difficult to fix the game.
No hope.

The changes on this version 4 of the PTR are good.

(Players now retain the attributes from their shield while a sword is equipped but sheathed. Good!)
But it doesn’t matter if you dont fix the combat


This person had it right. Looks pretty worthless lol

Yes. It happens so frequently that it just feels like normal gameplay now.


Looks very familiar.

The light attacks as a caster hitting yourself… I don’t even know what to say lol. You want to heal? Think again

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Bump + another example of how unplayable this game is currently:


Bump Day 3

Played in 2 defending wars yesterday. Couldn’t use dodges while standing in gravity well and Riposte doesn’t work half the time (feels good different). Oh and who needs mages when 80% of the roster can just go GA/IG. Congratulations :partying_face:


State of combat? Yeah, pretty worthless

upd. no problem here. just my internet connection.


Just play through it guys. You don’t need to use your abilities anyways.


The musket left click just shoots through people now. I guess I’ll just heal until they fix the game :confused: