Dead company owning multiple territories

Hello, Server Maca has a one company that owns a two territories and the company officers, all of them, haven’t logged in for over 2 weeks. None of the taxes have been paid and it is severely killing our server. Multiple players have left because of this and nothing is happening. I left that particular company to switch servers but because of the Trading Post bug, I am not able to switch. Now I am left without a company, a dead server and no way to change anything.

Is there a way to over a company for lack of play or logging in? I am a Marauder and have no company currently but since I can’t switch servers due to bugs, I am stuck. I would create a new company and overtake the current dead company but there is no option for that.

Thank you

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Only option is for an opposing faction to declare war and win that territory at this point. Unless you can contact the governor and convince them to log on and relinquish the company there’s no other way.

Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately I do not know the governor or officers, and I left the company so that I could switch servers. Now I am just stuck here and company-less. There has to be a better system or Faction system implemented that will allow non logging companies to be swapped out to different similar faction companies once they do not log or pay taxes for a period of time.

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