Dead end - balance - moronic

typically if I chose DPS over HEALING OR MITIGATION
and you chose MITIGATION over DPS or HEALING

I should do high damage to all, including those who chose mitigation.
he chose mitigation so he takes less based on how much he invested in.

so how can you have a blatant BROKEN system in your game where u can have it all.
we all know tanky dps (bruiser) killed the holy trinity. but we didnt expect you to jump on the bandwagon and facilitate such stupid systems.

why should i take light armor or medium armor at all. if you take light armor or medium armor. there is literally no point to taking any CON. because you are bandaging a gaping wound
so you chose damage? why would you take any mitigation+health pool ??
we selected DPS. so it all goes on DPS.

trouble is. you have every man and his dog running full heavy, 300/200
they have built their entire character around not taking damage

yet you reward them with the ability to 2,3,4 hit kill every one who isn’t like them.

sure you catch a mage, he should be squishy. but currently he would have to fireball you to the face 10-20 times and you not going to let that happen.

what is the point?

you broke the game, fix it.
anyone who chose mitigation/hp over damage, should not be able keep the tank but end you in 1 or 2 abilities.

on top of that.
do something about the stupid mechanic system in where you get better at your class you get better gear until your at the point where you character literally plays itself as you LEFT CLICK 2x while shoving pretzels and beer in you face, as you progress, you need less skill. because you just get rewarded with a simpler way to get the win you struggled for early on.

no brain.

atm its not fun.
you cant really run any viable class that doesnt use heavy armor because the way this game is balanced is through CC’s. the worst mechanic in any multiplayer game, he, you dont get to play your character. first to disable wins, oh too late your dead. you suck get gud.


TANKY DPS - ruining yet another game.

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