Dead servers barely playable anymore

I know there is a free transfer token but there is also a bug report about a guy having every watermark reset back to 500 after he transfered servers and im on 590+ watermark on every weapon so i dont want to risk that bug to happen.

I personally would prefer to stay on the server try to keep it alive and wait for something like a “merge” happening but literally every company left our server and its mostly just “solo players” left on the server. Invasions on the server are only halfway or less filled and the ppl who join the invasions arent even fighting. Most of them just sit naked in the middle and wait for the pillar being rushed by the NPCs for some free gold and azoth.

But thats not the main problem. The huge problem is those ppl who are left are increasing the taxes to insane amounts and make us pay 20% house taxes cause nobody can stop them since there isnt anyone to start a war against them.

So either we have to disband our houses, are not able to use trophy benefits or house teleports or we have to grind instalose invasions to pay insane taxes.

I am playing 15 hours every single day and havent seen a single outpost rush starting in more than 5 days by now.

Due to every company left the server by now our tier 5 crafting stations will also downgrade within the next days and we wont even be able anymore to get our daily cooldowns done for Asmodeum etc.

We are not able to play the game anymore at this point so could we get any statement what will happen to those servers? Is it just “we gave you a free transfer token so leave the server” or its a “you problem” or will there actually be any solution for those problems soon like merge or maybe cross server outpost rush etc?

I personally dont really want to transfer the server and stay on the server my character did grow from scratch but its slowly killing the motivation to keep playing.


Same more or less situation here.

Dead server, no one for doing instance, pvp, dungeons, outpost rush. Any multilplayer feature of this game is dead since there is 200 peeps on my servers.

Its a desert simulation.

I really enjoy the game and want keep playing it. But for now i can’t transfer on others servers, and AGS didn’t communicate anything about it since 1 week.

i’m gonna stop playing pretty quickly if their is no statement about it.

I feel like if they would bring at least “cross server outpost rush” this would already fix a lot of gold problems cause its a nice way to generate money to pay taxes and upgrade stations.

Completely removing player influence from Settlements and making instanced matches cross-server would solve a lot of issues. Including low-pop and “dead” servers since you wouldn’t need any Companies to own and upgrade Settlements. Settlements would be randomly assigned upgrades and faction ownership.

It wont for me. I wanna play a MMO where i see other player in the world i explore.

Enabling cross server outpost rush would just make one mini game available but do not resolve at all any desert/dead feeling about the server.

I will stop the game because each time i’m connecting i feel like i’m connecting to a dead game. Not because Outpost rush is not doable.

@Grailquest No thanks.

As someone who recently moved servers, just my insight. do it. in my final days in Iriy, its was dead, towns were empty, no outpost rush for days, invasions had like 10 people sign up. It was fucking dead and i started to resent the game. my friends and i talked about it and switched, instantly love the game again. Outpost rush take less than 5 minutes to queue everytime no matter what time. constant wars and invasions. Towns are bumping AF and the market is so much easier to deal with as theres more of a population. Hell, even the pvp level of people got raised and i actually had to rebuild my guy just to make it so i still had my chance to kick ass. I know youre worried about the glitches and shit, but is it worth it kicking yourself to play a game in a dying server? Again, just personal suggestion but youll make your time enjoyable again just by doing the switch.

Ya idk if there wont be any statement from dev team and they just let servery fully die out i guess i have to change servers kinda sad… ppl dont care about it and just try to kill it even more multiple territories already at max taxes

Same issue on my server… people either transferred away or are stepping back while waiting to see what happens and in the meantime large companies no longer have the funds to maintain the crafting stations, etc. Not much fun for people if it takes an hour to find enough people to form a group for a dungeon and other things like outpost rush aren’t happening (I’m not high enough to participate, just what I saw in chat).

My company went from ~20 active to 4-5 in a week while everyone else is on the sidelines discussing where to move. At this point I’ve cut my playtime by about 75% but I suspect that instead of server transfer I’ll eventually just give up and quit.

Support for cross-server outpost rush. A dedicated Server could spawn a thread for each outpost rush, and the character data get copied to it on joining (if it’s not too much data I suppose). If you have a pool of servers, perhaps the code could select existing servers with the lowest loads at any given time.

Kinda sad to see zero statement from new world team almost like “just transfer off the server so we can finally shut it down”…

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