Dead Servers need Merge/Token ASAP

@Luxendra @TrevzorFTW some servers need some action fast, as company we have dificult to manage since theres some members locked in wrong worlds…

on beta we had fast merges, at launch we had tokens… but now seems like you guys forgot about us.

please take an action asap


its not a bug lol

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mmo with 26 player online its a meme… please fix it fast


2 years of delay, server merges tested before, and yet, no merges or tokens. playerbase decreasing… theres a lot of reasons for taking a fast action.

Changes has to be made asap.

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Bug and Exploit :smile:

well its indeed a bug, missing player don’t work as intended right ?

omg its so funny i love moderator :’)

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What website is that screenshot from? Sorry if the answer to this is obvious haha, but haven’t seen that data before personally.

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Yo, am i the only one not seeing the mod’s responde anymore ? They seriously took it down ? xD

seems like his shy

you are right lol, it seems humour and fun is not appreciated :’)

maybe because it will raise the hate of toxic ppl, not a good community management call in that case


Funny is the thread remains in the bugs and exploits, he just deleted comment saying he was moving it haha


be aware, maybe a man in black will show up and we will forget what happened


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@Luxendra Anything we can get done at this point?

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Are all your storage’s full from easy farming…teach you to transfer to a dead server. Server merges are way far away. Token by end of year.

merges was tested before… and if they decided to launch… its a priority to fix this… 26 player online on a server will broke all the game

It’s nothing about how my storage is full, or how much people have been farming, it’s a point of where we went from 1300 players to max of 200. At this point, we can’t even get an Outpost Rush going. There’s nothing to do at the game at this time.

I call that BS. 1300 to 200. I bet most of you used your coin to go slow server farm away then want to go to a busy one and make all the gold you will need till you rinse and repeat with PAID tokens,

I rly can’t see why they dont merge that servers once for all.
26 ppl playing in a server? LOL
they literally can hold the economy of certains resources monopoly when the servers finally merges, and will broke the entire economy of the game.
That is more dangerous then gold dup was