Dead this dead that almighty!

Yall better stop whining, everyday the same kitten lol. If you don’t like the game, go play something else, your not forced to play this jezzzzz.

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Your not forced to complain about the forums either. You can log in to your favorite game and be happy.

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We at it mate. You everything sweet talkers were just as upset a month ago where we still had over double the active playerbase compared to now.
For every single one complaining on the forums another hundreds just outright leave the game

Keep hushing people away. And this here will become Bless online 2.0 in notime

You haven’t realized that most players stopped whining and just start trolling because this game is just a massive meme at this point?

Congratulations :partying_face:

I paid for the game. I find the forums more entertaining.

There’s a better story and end game loop here. The only dupe issues here are the same threads, but that’s ok.

I mean there’s like 100 people on my server at the moment, probably 50 of them bots and we’ve been trying to get an OPR going for over a week now.

Not complaining just saying there is a bit of justification for some players to feel they are in a bit of decayed life expectancy

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