"Deadly Flourish" needs to be looked at

Last talent of tondo should be to apply all 3 stacks after a certain condition. I guess every ability can’t be good in PvP but I think it’s a waste with how cool that tree is. Rapier should for sure be the assassin type weapon weaving through back lines

only BB should 1 shot with no preparation by AGS logic…

you can only “one-shot” when you apply and detonate fresh 3 stacks of bleed, which requires time to apply and maintain, so enemy has a lot of time to realize he’s in tough spot before he gets one-shotted, detonation should be rewarding in high damage due to how hard is to maintain those stacks


You dont need to explain me how it works because I played that build until sunrise was presented.

The only way nowadays how you can one shot (at least worked for me in few arenas).

You put three tondos, do flurry and then FF. Doing all of that on oblivion. Sometimes i still manage to one shot, but its like 1/100. When for example BB Ice shower > granade>sharpnel is 1/10 :smiley:

you forgot to add:
you should be 250 int, loose bonuses from dex perks, so it mean reduce base dmg output for all other attacks
and wear bloody ring
be lucky that target will not get any fortify, coz from 100 dmg per tick it turns to 50-60 per tick…Be self cc’ed with tondo each use
be lucky thatn Finish will not bugged and tondo’s tick will really do dmg…
and alot more conditions to be lucky

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Yes yes.

I mean left skill tree has a huge potential to be fun, but ags dont want fun.
TBH I dont even know what game goal is.

I agree, Deadly Flourish is the weakest perk in the game atm, has no usage whatsoever.

But I’m commenting with a request, can someone please test is AGS has coded Flurry’s bleed to work with the Keen Tondo perk? It would not surprise me if they did. It’s going to have a huge impact on my build going forward, so if someone could test that on the PTR I would be grateful.

From what I’ve gathered:
The bleed does not work with the “Fuel” passive on FnF
Some say that it works, but the testing I’ve done on it seems inconclusive

So I’d say not, it does not work as a Tondo Bleed in that regard.

yes. it is an tondo’s bleed, atleast it work for Bloody end


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At this point the whole rapier blood tree just cries for a rework and/or straight up buffs. It has a fkton of counters, it’s off-meta in both small and (especially) large scale.

At least give Tondo a faster animation (less frames? Same result I guess). Might as well give Flurry a proper lunge instead of this short joke since it no longer staggers. This is a dead ability.

Blood tree is just straight up bad. Only one skill is actually good and will get a significant nerf next patch. Perhaps we should just erase blood tree entirely and go full grace?

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