Dear... ags :):):)

please make each hit of Rapier,IG,Musket builds to be 10k and because they are so weak
and then all their classes in the game are deleted
only these 3 builds please :slight_smile:
you are making fun of playerss

You may not know how POWERFUL these 3 builds are, but you must have noticed the players leaving the game because of these broken builds because the number is too high to be underestimated. pls understand now we want BALANCE

IG ice shower freezes you forever. (0% chance of surviving in a collective fight)
when you catch, use ENTOMBED %100 SURVIVE (ENTOMBED hp 10-12k :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha)
Ice Storm 200-300 damage every 0.33s This character is the god in the game
Rapier use 3 skill %100 survive
musket does 4-5k damage

What are you waiting for to nerf these Builds??
all players delete the game?

People below 0.9iq who will defend these stupid builds please don’t write because I don’t want to see your selfish thoughts under this RIGHT thread

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Another GA user that spam left click.

Wait. i have just realised that it is you again…
You only spam the same thread in the forums, i was thinking you were another person, but no. You are the same person who is creating threads and threads asking for the same.


he is obviously being sarcastic ahahaha
nice one!

@Valeeraa 's posts:
Asking for rapier nerf:

Asking for nerf rapier and musket:

Asking for nerf void gaunlet:

Asking for nerf all ranged:

Asking for nerf all ranged again:

Asking for Buff GA.

Confirmed.He is a GA user that only want to kill verybody with left click, and only spam and insult to everybody in forums to nerf all other weapons. Better to ignore this


insulting people will get you nowhere, nor will help you build a real conversation


This is vile and inappropriate, and only goes to demonstrate that people like @Carlanga92 have astutely observed what a troll you are and that you continually demand developers to make everything easy so you don’t have to use skill (which I’m somehow sure is in short supply with you) to win PvP encounters.


I wish you had written your dates. but you didn’t write it on purpose :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: because VG is now balanced. GA is balanced (only problem is desync). Bow’s bugs fixed. FS Balanced. I don’t have a complaint about them as long as they don’t lose their balance again :slight_smile: I don’t understand how you manage to be such a vile person :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Because I’m so tired of selfish people. They know the truth, but they deliberately oppose it because they can’t play any other classes other than those classes. they are incapable

Im pretty sure we are playing two different game. Dex players are nonexistent, rapier isnt immortal, healers are who use it. musket never does 5k, maybe a 4k headshot on a low gs full pve light player but even on those its rare.
I guess you are another GA player who got kited once and now came here crying about builds thats the least played and least op.

Who u can even compare melee gameplay to musket, bow left click spam from the highest point at map, where nobody can touch u and u just braindead do lbm spam to coming enemies hits them fully armored for 1,8~3k

A lot of cheesy builds with these 3 weapons



I wish AGS would publicly release some in-game statistics:

  • Most used weapons.
  • Which weapons cause the most knock-downs (not corpse kills).
  • From OPR, what are the weapons and weapon combos most prevalent on the winning teams.
  • From OPR, what is the weapon that deals the most cumulative damage to players. (That is, sum together the total damage dealt by all axes, all muskets, etc, then sort from most to least damage dealt)
  • From OPR, the weapons that deal the most cumulative CC’d time to players (that is, sum together the total amount of CC time dealt by each weapon type).
  • From OPR, the weapons that deal the most cumulative “burst damage”, that is, damage equal or above , lets say, 2000 hitpoints.

I think the results would be interesting.
Or at least would lead to some people stopping whining for a while.

DEVs, if you see this, please do not alter your game based on one prick who is butthurt that he gets destroyed in-game. Fixing the stuttering and lag issues in PvP is the biggest obstacle we melee players face right now.

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With the current desync and how strong walking away from melee is this game needs hard cc for it to be playable. Fix those things first then grav and shower can be deleted from the game for all I care.

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