Dear Devs - any plans for Atom?

Dear @Kay & Company,

Are any of the mad scientists in the lab looking at the Atom renderer and potentially implementing it with new World since it and Lumberyard play together in O3DE?

(I know people, I know…“Hiply, let them work on bugs, bots, balancing, and content!”)

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I may be wrong but since we’re stuck in 2008 with Direct X 11 - I would have to guess and say the game would have to be rewritten from the ground up to incorporate Direct 12 and only then could it take advantage of any of the current GPU features as well as the Atom Renderer

I can’t believe we’re not running direct 12 in 2021.

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If they implemented Atom they would have DX12 and Vulkan support, and since in O3DE Lumberyard talks directly to Atom I don’t think it’s a far-fetched question to ask. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking this, I was wondering about this as well. While the game looks pretty nice relative to its contemporaries in the MMO genre, it certainly could use more optimization for a smoother end user experience. I have RDR2 and using the Vulkan branch of that does wonders for smoothing framerates and really lets you enjoy the work of the artists, rather than gritting your teeth stuttering through towns or high density areas. I don’t know if DLSS or FSR will be implemented but those would be great too (along with proper cloth physics for capes!).

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for everything please.

I’m a huge RDR2 fan, I have my 5th full replay on hold right now, and with Vulkan the performance is rock solid at the highest settings…and DLSS has made it even better.

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