This is very serious at least to the majority of your player base…

You is on a roll today! Wanna make us ever happier? I think you do!


EU Central

  • Crassus → Nyx
  • Artemis → Cleopatra

US East

  • Orofena → Maramma
  • Seer → Lilith
  • Amarah → Lilith

SA East

  • Gaea → Artorius

AP Southeast

  • Sutekh → Delos

pls! <3 we’d trully love ya

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I’m fine with Orofena not merging until after the update. Just in case enough people come check out the update. A long queue time should be avoided at all cost as they drive more people away.

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nobody will come back to a dead server tho lol… theyd come back and transfer if anything.

Better then coming back to check out the patch, hitting a 2 hour queue, and saying F that and uninstalling.

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Not sure about that. I know many people who left because the servers are dead.
Most of them are pretty angry at the devs so not sure if they are coming back. At this point a 2h queue is better to me.


where is Kronos ? Hmmge …

KRONOS hits like 1.2k etc

so you’re saying let the Kronos server dead? Wow very well. Merge wont clear this mess. We need server transfer Fss to Fss.

edit: When did Kronos hit 1.2 lastly ? I’ like to know…

Kinda expecting that they’ll wait till after the “balance” patch.

Good for you, most of us would quit if that happens lol.

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If I hit a 2 hour queue with the current state of the game, either live, or ptr. I am not going to be waiting that 2 hours. If the game was in a much better state it may be different.

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AGS is deadly scaring about queue issue then we are living with this. change my mind.


I mean the simple solution is merge more than not, then if a patch hits and queues pop up, anyone thats put into a queue should get a free token to transfer off and a new server opens up right as a queue appears ez. PvP players would stay obv to play with their companies and PvE players would more likely than not leave and seek a lower pop server so theyre not stuck in queues. But again thats just my quick thought probably some flaws involved in doing this.

You would just end up with a thread of people complaining they can’t transfer with the token because of the 30 day lockout. The impatient people that want more pop, have already transferred. Besides merging servers, to then just open servers solves none of the reasons the game is in its current mess.

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I mean I just deleted my character on fresh start because there was no way to transfer my character to a legacy server.

@BOBO1Million Well that was never going to be an option anyway. From the beginning of fresh servers it was determined they would never be mergable or transferrable to legacy.

I do see the point of waiting with merges to after the new update in regards of possible queues but at this time Kronos as the largest fresh start server can barely hit 40% capacity at peak. Crassus server, which appears to be the smallest in the Vanaheim world set, barely hits 20% capacity at peak.
Market is dead as there is no population to sustain it. OPR and war are pretty dead too.

If there is no quick addition of players the game might bleed out before the update hits…

Update first. Merges later.

It seems like the servers need to be managed closer for both merges and splits. Based on the population caps and server structure it seems like this is just an issue that won’t ever change unless something changes with the servers.

They are not merging anything dude. A major patch is coming in 3 weeks and player numbers will rise, do you actually unironically think that merging now is a good idea? :joy:

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