Dear New World are you guys hate mages?

With the new PTR server i am realy start to think that “New World doesnt like the mage” idea let me tell you about my Mage Experience in New world for +500 Hours

1-)AoE skill Camera Angle= i decide to play mage for AoE skills but what i see is bad camera angle i try to cast my skill and i cant see wher i will cast my spell ther is 2 huge update going on and nothing change from it and no one talk about it every mage yell at forums because of this issue

2-)No sens of ussing armor buffs=The most hated think in this game ı am playing mage ı am at DPS role but i cant even kill one Heavy Armored Healer also i cant kill Healer with my 6 friend which using Heavy Armor??? What is the point of i am playing mage if i cant kill by my self my CDs doesnt usefull for this or my view doesnt for this and for that New World still nerf ice Gaunlet and Fire Staff every player play Heavy or Medium so armor buffs are useless no one care i play medium armor and i can put damage more than my friend who wear light armor

3-)% of Great Axe Player=
Dear New World for real think one class it hits 2-3 k with light attack and it is tank use heavy armor and it can heal him self for real when you guys will realize the Great Axe have OP damage and passives you guys still add grite with new update.Every PVP 3-4 greate axe chase me and i cant 1 vs 1 with them because they are using Heavy armor and they can put 2-3k damage to just start to see somethings…

4-)Arcana bug=
Every class can craft their 590-600 GS weapon but we cant we cant do any craft

5-)Recent Damage Bug and Gaunlet bugs=At the first weeks ice gaunlet have serious damage bug and it will take 2 weeks to solve it also ther is still texture bug on ice gaunlet…

Just put your self to our side ther is no camera angels at your skills (Bow has) you cant craft your staff your weapon always bugged and you sacrifice your light armor for dont die 2 hits to great axe your ice tomb bugged every second your weapon perks are bugged and the all of them your staffs get nerfed.What is your aim guys?If you dont want to any one play mage just delete the weapons we can understand that but its enough for me for real its so close to change my class to great axe.I hope you guys read all of my experiences and do something about it have a nice day


Yes they hate mages. Already discussed in the other thread

i was need admit something. I was bow user and YES i really hate fight fire staff on pvp, not only u guys can cheat light attack to make it super fast like turret, even smaller bruise from your attack do full dmg like 2-3k almost cannot be evaded, even though i already use tower shield to block, u guys can just hit on ground and still do full dmg, yeah i really hate fire staff.

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Welcome to the world of the life staff users.

firstly i should say that we hit 2-3k damage with crits also our light and heavy attacks are so easy to dodge and one more point our one skill usefull for hitting ground.I dont know but are you realy play fire staff? cause i am play bow to and its so easy to pvp against mage


Whoot? Problem 1, 2 and 3 are problems for every RDPS… Bow and musket players dealing with the same.

You really don’t need to nerf fire staff devs. Just fix bugs like extra cd reduction on heavy attacks and x2 dmg pillar of fire. Its gonna be enough nerf trust me. And 1 thing to add i first saw them hate mages that i bought medium 22 cons 535 faction item once and i was able to change its stats to anything but int.

yeah i know sadge bro

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