Dear Santa, the only things I want for Christmas are

I’ve been SUPER good this year, so in no particular order, this is everything I want for Christmas.

#1.) A better way to track my party - spamming the map overlay just to find my party just isn’t working. I need a better way either onscreen or via compass to track and follow my party.

#2.) Server mergers and region transfers opened - theres too many servers with not enough players on low-population servers to have a meaningful experience.

#3.) Diminishing returns on stuns, knockdowns, stagger - I love playing this game but during outpost rush and more importantly, during wars when I can just take my hands off my keyboard and wait 5 - 10 seconds until I can actually play the game again, it feels really bad. Wars shoulnd’t be determined by how many war hammers are equipped.

#4.) War Horns rebalance - Currently each time a war horn is used in a war it gives all players in ranged 23% absorption and 500 health regeneration a second. The current meta is to see how many of these horns you can get on your fort and having two players dedicated to these at all times. The effect is so strong, it doesn’t make much sense to ever not do this on a war defense.

#5.) Cross-server Outpost Rush - Not much needs to be said here, i’d be really nice to play against new players from other servers as well as lowering the que-time for lower population realms, or for players who play during degenerate hours

#6.) Cost of Expedition Orbs reduced again - The cost of expedition orbs is still too much. Being required to do a mundane activity such as farming portals just for a chance to get the required materials for one orb craft is just an awful experience and it’s not fun. Something has to change here, it’s awful.

#7.) Collision of players in expeditions - This is another thing that doesn’t really do much for my immersion, but feels really bad when it does happen.

#8.) Luck to get a value display on character info sheet - Luck is such a big part of the game, i’d love to see a numerical value displaying how much luck the game actually sees my character as having.

#9.) Give us more reason to do arenas - Arenas are in the game, seem to be a soure of end-game content, but don’t offer much in terms of rewards vs the effort required to do them.

I bet other players can add to my Christmas list, so feel free to do so!


Also buff GA/hammer and nerf BoW and mages

  1. The actual MMORPG you advertised.
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Damaging only equipped items
on death so that we aren’t punished with massive repair costs justs for carrying extra sets of gear/weapons with us.


Ohhh I REALLY like the idea of cross-server OPR!!!

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  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. No. Learn to dodge.
  4. Yes.
  5. Yes.
  6. Yes.
  7. Yes
  8. Yes.
  9. Indifferent.

this has nothing to do with learning to dodge, it mainly refers to mass pvp when warhammers are stacked, u can dodge all u want but u will get hit by one of those because there is simply not enough stamina. in small scale or 1v1 scenarios this mechanic would have little to no effect, since usual combos involve 1 to 2 ccs in a row max anyways.

Delete Mages from the game and further buff Great Axe, War Hammer, Musket and Bow. :santa:

Siren Arena is quite easy.

The difficulty isnt the issue, it’s that there is little to no reason to do it. Farming an orb for said arena, spending 10 traveling to, another 10 minutes to fight the boss, for a cache? It’s just silly IMHO.

Your “learn to dodge” comment must be from a solo, or OPR perspective. There is no “learning to dodge” when you’re in a war, on the point, gumby-sliding from one side to another for 15 seconds straight due to the amount of stuns, knockdowns, and paths to destiny.

Actual communication from devs and cm not just “no update” when you say “no update” makes its sound like no one is working on it… we were told they would communicate better. Still waiting for that :smiley:

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Gotta give our boys some time to recoup from the holiday weekend. They’ll come through.

Idk about that one men been nearly three weeks for furnishing to be traded again. Doesn’t seem like they are even close sadly :disappointed_relieved:

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As I understand it, those drops are guaranteed watermark increases. There should be more of a reward though.

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