Death -> Legacy, AGS what are you thinking?

I’ve never made a post on the forums before, and I have never even spent time here aside form lurking on the random meme post, and on top of that I’m incredibly lazy, so the fact that I’m making this is a feat in and of itself. I ended up rolling on fresh-start, and ended up rolling my new character on Death as I truly wanted to experience the game from a “fresh” perspective. I am taking my time with leveling and paying attention to the lore, all the while genuinely enjoying being able to partake in the goofy antics of a small community and even helping small groups of true newbies who are newcomers to the game. Why is this you ask (or didn’t)? Because it was explicitly stated - I mean literally so - that AGS would not be merging fresh start into legacy. I wanted to truly experience the game without the mega-company dramas and bloated economy, without the dozens of war loggers and the atmosphere that a stale environment brings to the game, a game which I have put nearly 1,500 hours into since starting at launch.

Now, I love New World, and I surprisingly defend AGS quite a bit more than I should at times, but this act of merging Fresh Start into legacy servers after using such precise and explicit language to the counter is utterly and completely reprehensible. I enjoy my time on legacy, and have made some great friends and partake in tons of content on my main, which is precisely why I made my alt on fresh start. These same tokens above are why so many people either decided to play New World for the first time, or like me, are longtime players looking for something new and unique - all the while having done so with the peace of mind that AGS would keep their word and keep fresh start in their own proverbial league. This good will I harbored toward AGS and New World as a project after this is completely shattered. Look at all the feedback from the forums and you’ll see countless posts mirroring this sentiment.

AGS, you have succeeded in destroying what little fragile faith we as a community had in you. I feel worst for my new friends I have made on fresh start, whose experience is now going to be marred by the fallbacks that fresh start was specifically made to alleviate. You succeeded only in alienating your community even further, and tarnishing even more of our trust that has been eroded over time. I sincerely hope and implore you take to heart the tsunami of negative feedback you’re receiving about these actions, and revert these decisions to keep fresh start servers within their own merge chains. You deserve absolutely no good will from your community or prospective customers in the future, and you must walk-back these decisions if you are to save even a semblance of your credibility as a company. My only regret was that I trusted AGS and let my guard down long enough to become genuinely excited about this opportunity to experience the game in a new light; it will not happen again.

P.S. Yes I know some of these servers like my own were previously streamer servers, but this does not - by even your own metrics - preclude them from the same treatment as your other fresh start policies and promises. Please do not make such excuses.





I’ve honestly never seen such a blatant example of infamy in a game that’s still alive and kicking.

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