Debuff for healing casting with armor

Medium armor should get a -25% healing cast debuff and heavy should get a -50% debuff. There’s no real disadvantage to wearing armor particularly in PVP for healers you just miss a buff.

Make healers choose between squishy and good heals or tanky and weak heals

That’s retarded. They already take a dodge penalty.

If a healer wants to wear heavy gear like a Paladin, then they should be able too.

Maybe you should learn how to play because you’re bitching about losing to Life staff wielders in duels.

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Nah just want to define the role better. Paladins are fine they just shouldn’t be able to self sustain as effectively.

No need to get all worked up.

We already do…

Compared to light armor a healer already does 20% less healing wearing heavy armor and 10% less wearing medium in additional to losing the better dodges.

Healers have always been strong in PVP.

People need to learn to focus the healers in groups and run from them in 1v1.

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What do you do when everyone is a healer?

They just don’t have a buff. There’s no downside to it except for the dodge as you mentioned. Who needs to dodge when you just absorb everything though?

There should be some sort of tradeoff. Not getting a buff is different than getting effectiveness cut. They still heal at 100% of the ability.

Why would i do that? o.O Arrows to the head, healer dead. If I miss, then that’s my fault.

20% less healing and no dodge is not a tradeoff? Mmmmkay. Those tanks that you’re healing are certainly not going to thank you for taking no damage as always but wearing heavy armor for no reason.

Not to mention that with light armor healer will be avoiding damage = healing others. With heavy armor, if he’s attacked he will have to heal himself = not heal others.
A healer in heavy armor is a bad selfish healer.

I like the fact healers can plate up and get into the melee in heavy armour.

The bonus 20% healing from light armour doesn’t work as intended anyway.

Much like it doesn’t for damage.

But it does work as intended doesn’t it? It’s additive with all other bonuses from skills. I do think it SHOULD be a multiplicative separate special bonus, but that’s not how it is.

CC and interrupt them and then they’re totally useless…

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