Dec update questions

I have mixed feelings after reading the Dec update notes.

I think the intention behind the new expertise and gypsum system is good. However, I’m left with questions (like everyone else)

When it comes to the once a day orb crafting. Is this per gypsum type? So a potential for 6 orbs a day? If so, I could see the inevitable temporary setback, not be as harsh as most on suspecting.

Also, for the expeditions . Is the random expertise bump on top of the gypsum you’ll receive? If so, again, I can see how this pays off. But it’s going to be the get mind-numbing grind, which it already was for some of the top streamers

Secondly, how are you going allow 200 lvl crafters to keep their skill level? Currently, it sounds like their 600gs crafted items will be brought to their lvl, which eliminates the entire point of being lvl 200. Long term, this will even out as both crafters and other players both reach 600 gs/expertise, however it’s not a good look for the short term

As I have more questions, I will come back to ask. Hopefully this post is more questions vs emotional responses/criticism. The goal is to actually have questions answered for better understanding

I read it as 1 orb a day, not one of each, that would be 5 armor pieces, 13 weapons and 3 jewelry, really dont think they will allow us to craft 21+ orbs a day when they seem to love their 24 hour cooldowns so much.

1 orb per day, per gypsum type, is 6 a day, with your 7th being crafted once a week. Say each or. Is worth +10 gs/expertise points. Theres still a grind, but that allows the player base to get their days worth of elite rotations (which on my server, happens everyday regardless. They call them “world tours.”)

Then you would get into the 21 different items. And we’re keeping our current levels. So I’m at between 520 and 550, which means it would take at least month to grind all pieces. Not terrible, but not a complete bust either imo

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