December update: WOW!

I’m not convinced that it’s tested as it always breaks something else :rofl:


I mean wow is a word for it.

I couldn’t see portals, couldn’t craft holiday town board items, couldn’t turn in a faction quest, and heard portals were eating azoth staves.

The holiday mechanic seems to be literally just running around. And is a monstrous grind. Someone estimated 100’s of hours to reasonably get all the items.

The one Gypsum orb gave me +2 (I’m assuming a minimum), but just felt bad.

I’m out.


Giving the general population way too much credit, maybe 10% of players read and understand changes, upcoming or current. 10min before patch people in global still thinking the patch is when WM effectiveness reduction happens.

Just like in the real world, most people will not read or do any research, just believe whatever someone else tells them… i.e. The guy spamming to buy his jewelry before the patch, cause you want to lock it down before nerf…

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Indeed, Grailtor. I do believe 99% of the replies will be from 8-year olds in a tamper tantrum, or acting like one.


According to mmo- population you’re wrong :rofl:

Stop the trolling mate :wink:

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The update is amazing and mort importantly so far no serious bug reports.

combat feels more responsive, the UI changes are nice and everyone who’s logged on so far has been nothing but positive about it

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Apparently you haven’t played ANY other MMORPG if you think this update has a lot of stuff. It’s simple as that.

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go be negative someplace else for once.

It’s a mark improvement over where things were and a step in the right direction at least.

No, because this thread is blatantly false and an obvious source of fake news.

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Are we playing the same game

Apparently you know nothing about programming, so, buzz off.

All things considered , there are problems.
But looking back i think this is the most stable patch yet.
No trade disabled . No servers down . No major lag. Only minor things .
Yea yea I know its copium but it’s the best update so far.

It’s odd that as a data analyst you seem to believe volume = good.

I’d much prefer that they fix the basic problems in the game first before adding and re-arranging fluff. Most of their update is a plan to control and time-gate progression. If you think that’s good, then more of it, that’s great. I prefer more of a you should do what you want type of progression.

There are so many things still bugged since launch. Perks that don’t work, loot tables messed up, poor interactivity between players and CC, clunky combat, broken weapon swapping, poor weapon balancing and an engine that often stutters and breaks things and leaves them in half-way states. That’s what I would prefer to see them invest their time in, even instead of snow and presents on the ground.

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More than you, obviously. And I don’t know that much. But again, still seems like I know more than you.

I know you won’t and probably can’t proof your statements here but I think that’s not necessary because I highly doubt you’re in only one of your listed professions. I’m with a big IT company and today I showed one of our Big Data Analysts some of your posts according mmo-population and he can’t still stop laughing… he is pretty sure you never ever worked as an analyst what so ever, because, and that are his words, every analyst with clear mind wouldn’t publicly state a opinion based on data collected with the metric mmo-population does - so conclusion: You lied about your profession or you don’t understand your own job - wink if I’m right :wink: :rofl:

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Quality != Cuantity

My take is, this is best patch along with 1.0.5 so far. Not like some 10/10 but in comparison it’s among the best and I dont care much for winter event.

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are u comparing this patch to a whole expansion like in wow which happens once a few years? because i haven’t seen that many games that have such amount of changes MONTHLY. Even league has patches like every two weeks with only minor adjustments.

We are far away from a state where the game should be since the beginning in my opinion but you’re absolutely right and I hope this is the new standard for the upcoming updates :+1:t3::relaxed: