Decided NOT to kill it for once

I was on my regular route of farming rawhide in Everfall forest. Found this lynx lying there. He looked so peaceful and kinda reminded me of my own ginger cat. So I quietly backpaddled and left him be. Felt like the right thing to do and also actually felt kinda weird inside when I went for the next one. Gotta get my runic leather CD going after all - or maybe not?


I feel you, some of these animals are hard to kill, just for your own conscience.
The ones I have no trouble with tho are the wolfs, they’re just too annoying :sweat_smile:

I killed an Armadillo once and swore never to do it again :laughing: They’re way too cute!

“Felt kinda weird when i went for the next one” LMAOO

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I usually will do Bison, but now when I need hide. I will definitely kill GOAT. Regardless which region I’m in. Regardless how less the hide drops.


Fallout 76 had a mechanic where certain animals would lead you to secret stashes.


That would be cool. Game needs more hidden stuff. Just learned about a hidden chest in Helios today that I wasn’t aware of. I love stuff like that and would think it would be pretty easy to add.

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Now that would be cool!

Yeah I had missed that chest in the first two weeks as well, until one of the chest runs I joined actually went there. These days I even get it alone, running through the packs of mobs in light armour and using Fleche on Rapier :slight_smile:

Same here my fellow hunter. Since that Brimstone quest with the jumping puzzle and those “pushy” goats I’ve made them my sworn enemy.