Declare exploit/bug?

Goodmorning players, devs, community.

Recently we (90 player company) and other companies on the server “Barri” are questioning the way declares work in New World.

To put in some statistics:
We’ve ran Everfall about 13 times since returning to Barri with about 35-55 members.
During these pushing we get an estimated amount of 30-40% influence in.
Out of these 10-15 times we’ve gotten the declare 0 times.

It’s always the same company getting the declares. They run with about even numbers, perhaps 10-15 max more.

The first 4-5 times you can put it on back luck, RNG, whatever.
After 5 times it becomes suspicious.

Same goes for other spots on the map.
There’s been multiple occasions where we’ve ran 80%, where other companies run 20%.
We don’t get the declare. The only statement from AGS we can find on this is:
“Every company that puts in 10% gets a chance to declare, if you put in more % you get a higher chance to get the declare”.
If this would be true, then statistically we should have an upperhand in the places where we run over 50% with only our company, still we’re not getting any of these declares.

Also the same company getting the declare on Everfall about 8-9 out of 13 times makes no sense when it’s a 5-10% difference statistically in influence pushed.

Either they know an exploit, bug, or your declaration system is on the same developer level as the rest of your game, flawed, not working, without logics. If we would barely get 10% and run with 5 people I would have a some form of understanding. Not when you get 0 out of 13 declarations with 35-55 people and getting 30-40% influence most of these runs.

We are getting annoyed, irritated & unmotivated to keep on announcing runs, gather the people, doing the work, while you, AGS, don’t seem to know how either statistics work, or have a flawed system, or are not able to fix an exploit regarding declarations.

Things we would want:

  1. A clear and updated statement (last one was 2021) on how declarations work.
  2. An answer if there’s an exploit, bug , whatever known to you regarding declarations, because I’m not consistantly going to ask 90 members to do pre-quests and run for hours on end to get influence just to get “BaD rNg” 13 times in a row as long as it’s not fixed or a clear statement on how it works.
  3. An insight on how declarations work statistically, 0 out of 13 times with 35-55 people running and us doing 40+% can’t be brushed away as “bad luck, bad rng”.
  4. The community letting us know within this topic if you have a simular experience regarding declarations

I hope you guys realise that the small hardcore player base you have left is being ruined by consistantly being unconsistant. There is no way in my eyes you can get 0 out of 13+ declares, and no reason when you lose declares multiple times when you as a company do 80% for hours on hours on hours and then have it being sniped by a 10 man company that barely gets 10% in. Where as the same company gets 80%+ win on declares when the gap might be 5-10% more influence then us.


  • Statement on how declares work statistically
  • Statement on known issues regarding exploits, bugs, on declarations
  • Statement on how we get 0 declares out of 13 with 30-40% influence if your system is working

You have managed to ruin the game for 90% of the playerbase, take this chance to be honest and open towards the small hardcore playerbase that have kept on playing for hours a day trough all of this bs.


“Today kids, we’re learning about how to design database interfaces, Timmy, how did your homework go for AGS?”. I’m only 7, Mr Teacher"

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“Today kids, we’re learning about how to design database interfaces, Timmy, how did your homework go for AGS?”. I’m only 7, Mr Teacher"

There has to be a bug involved in this situation.
Currently it doesn’t feel like it matters if you run 10% or 90% influence.

Ofcourse if you run 91% as a company, no other company ‘should’ be able to declare.
Although companies could sometimes declare even when they did not get 10% influence.
This again proves that there is a bug in the way declares works.

If it wasn’t for the company, i would stop running influence.
I never really enjoy questing in any game but currently for me PvP questing in New World could not be more demotivating than it currently is.

I would appreciate any information on declares from the DEVs
but i also would like to ask other companies to step in, be honest and help solve this issue.
This problem is one of those problems that could demotivate people and companies from playing and enjoying the game.


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Senne for GOV

Im all out for redesign of the system.

I ain’t reading all of that.

I’m happy for u tho

or sorry that happened

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6 months ago they said they said they were discussing whether they could make the mechanics more clear. Havent found anything else yet on this topic.

Please fix it

TLDR; what did the post say?

Just to get some perspective on “their” numbers. They are usually around 30 and sometimes work with another guild for pushing influence.

This cooperation is done by members switching between those companies to have it probably easier to push the 10 %. Over 50 member at max are running if you combine both companies.

The companies that runs only with 10 to 15 members usually pushes influence with at least 25 member and in import areas around 35 to 45.

Additional to that a 4th and sometimes a 5th are pushing important areas as well but these are often in so few numbers that they may not get the 10 %.

It is still unlucky to not get the declaration this often and it is frustrating but it doesn’t help to start false data and missing information.

It is most times a 25 % to 33% chance to get the war and having the odds against themselves can feel and can be unfair.

The thing that bothers me about this post is, that it sounds that the one company just runs minimal influence and then just snack it. This is simply not true.

Fair point, although the numbers of Trauma members pushing is accurate and it has to be more than a bad dice roll to not get it more than 10 times in a row where a single other company has more than 90% of the declares

Why it has to be more? The dice is always rolled new on any declaration.

Not saying it would be impossible, just highly unlikely. Wish AGS would clarify more about how the declaration really works with numbers to back it up.

It’s also unlikely that someone wins the lottery but still it happens.

Dude everyone with 10% gets a side of a dice. This dice roles and trauma has bad luck.

If trauma would get the next 6 war declarations are the others in duty to make a post?

Bold of you to just accuse a group of player’s for exploiting with zero evidence whatsoever.

Do you count all the times your company runs quests but then gets wiped while other yellow guilds get to actually hand in, I wonder?

Now slay got a war…are they exploiting as well?

To long to read? It takes less than a minute.

Basic gist though.

Declare percentages not working correctly.

I can confirm. Camelot has been very active since the last transfer wave. Declares happen within the hour after a war and up until yesterday we held Reekwater so we didn’t feel the need to consistently “push” other territories.

Multiple times after a war in another territory it would get pushed into conflict with a chance to declare when NONE of us were running influence.

There is no way we would have done 10% even if 1 or 2 of us were doing it without saying anything. There is obviously something wrong here.

I can confirm that without pushing any influence, there has been couple of territories that allows you to declare that part is 100% a bug… in terms of the roll and if there is an exploit people do to get higher influence… no idea… seems somewhat random but it does sometimes favors specific companies but I guess that’s just RNG