Declare War / Faction Mission System Improvement Ideas

Hello Dev Team & Community,

just to set the stage and give Devs an anchor to me and which playergrp I’m related to:

I’m smth between a casual and tryhard min-max player within a big and well-organized company. We have multiple Wars a Week, own always 2 or more territories (Windward and Everfall are always ours and we see what we can get from there), and win all of our invasions. Currently, I guess the focus of the dev team lies on PvE Endgame Systems / Content.

BUT I have a “small” idea of how to create very cool casual content, accessible for everyone even lower levels and smth that forges people of one faction together while improving an already existing system - the pvp mission to declare war system.

Running PvP Missions is a good idea on paper but in reality, it’s just annoying for the company that wants to declare war, because you run an hour+ these missions like a bot and you never meet anyone of the other factions. You don’t even see a lot of people of your own faction besides our own or partner companies.

My idea is to make the process of declaring the war a server-wide happening:
Big and wealthy companies like ours automatically have responsibilities on each server, we are the people everyone talks about, we get asked to help others and we declare war on a lot of other companies. We also take care of keeping all lvl 5 benches on the important cities if we lose an invasion (e.g. having to def Windward and have an invasion on Everfall, sometimes we lose those). Make us pay a fee and start a “Syndicate Invasion” in a Marauder Territory. Set a Timer e.g. 120 Minutes while everyone of the two relevant factions can participate, help to fill up the bar but also help to reduce the bar and defend your territory. Create a threshold that makes you able to get rewards e.g. kill 20 enemy faction players during a syndicate invasion, or increase the faction influence by 2% during a syndicate invasion or anything that goes into this philosophy. After the 120minutes, you get a decent reward like faction points, zone reputation, coins, azoth, a box of loot, and probably something unique to this type of content, because I feel like the reward has to be very cool for people to really participate. I think of “headhunter coins/tokens”, when you kill someone you get a coin/token, with that item you can buy e.g. PVP (520gs) skins of the opposite faction gear but in the color of your faction like in winter event shop - you get the point, smth cosmetic, casual friendly and very cool.

Benefits of a System like that:

  • the whole server works together / against each other because there is no gatekeeping or smth like “you need to be in this company”, you can just play solo here if you want to

  • there are plenty of people who cannot participate in wars/invasions because they are in small companies or even without a company - now they have a warlike experience in the open world

  • Gold Sink for big companies (we earn like 1.5mil coins a week… that’s too much IMO)

  • learn about each other, events like this make people interact with each other, play together, have small skirmishes here and there and probably they become friends

  • it’s a tool for big companies to improve their reputations, believe it or not, but we are so damn hated on our server, there are shitposts every day, the global channel is completely negative about us and we didn’t do anything besides winning wars and being rich - this system gives us the opportunity to support mid-scale companies of our faction, it decreases envy because we give something back

  • Big Potential for future faction-based rewards

  • You can even adapt this to smth like corrupted portals etc. e.g. big company activates Marauder Corrupted Defense Event (here, there must be a timeframe where you can activate it instead of letting the companies handle it completely) → while ongoing everyone who participates in closing portals or other new open-world PvE content, probably PvE Attacks on different areas/fort etc. will earn a pve related reward, probably the legendary corruption shard?

  • a little bit of control of when wars can happen, we had multiple wars on Christmas and new years evening which was super annoying for our leader to organize, with this system the big companies can have an armistice

  • people like me don’t have to run this boring bot content 5 times a week for multiple hours, that’s obviously the main reason for me why I thought about smth cooler but with having in mind to not be egoistic :smiley: at least I tried…^^

  • can also be adapted for factionless zones to spawn world bosses or anything like that, same philosophy apply here

Weak Point

  • Humans, I can only talk for our server and our company and everything is healthy here. I’m 100% sure for our server this would work and a few yellow, purple and green companies will take this responsibility and activate those events for the entire server but I can imagine that some companies would make use of this system, form partnerships with enemy factions and no one can declare war

Tldr: PvP Quest Running is boring, no one participates in it atm, the rewards are too simple and bad. If I want to run PvP Quests for faction points I go into the zone which is most efficient and not a random zone like cutless key lol ^^

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