Declaring War 2.0 Ideas Thread

So far im really enjoying the game, the conflict territories, war 50v50 and other mechanics but lets be honest it really needs to be polished so it can become better than what we currently have. I think we can all agree it is WAY too easy to declare war on a territory and with little repercussions to do so.

A great example of this is on one of my servers where this had happened;

Marauders declared war on the syndicate, the syndi’s turned around and threw both the marauders and the covenant territories into conflict and declared war on both factions while under a declaration of war from the marauders. The whole map is in conflict…

Maybe its time to start looking into how we can improve declaring war and the whole system for longevity. ill start.

In order to declare war your faction must;

-hold territory for at least a week
-gather materials/stockpile supplies for said war. Gunpowder/Repair Kits/Linen etc…
-clear X amount of corruption nodes during the week
-fund the start of a war - lets say 20k gold

out there mechanics that might not work
-maintain supplies to support to war effort. Resupply gunpowder/linens etc
-resupply run missions for non PVP players. Can run back and forth between fort or camp

im actually generally interested if anyone else has some interesting ideas that could work?

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