Declaring WAR GLITCH?

Is it just me but, when i get the option to declare a war, I click F1.

Ok, then I try to type a message to ask something and it kicks me out of the war window, cannot click on the “declare” war button either…?

And why does it cost 7.5k minimum for a war? And if companies don’t get the war refund or no refund?



Oh hey, no server switch or reinstall. It has happened twice now, we didn’t contribute “enough” to declare war but if I or someone from my company has the ability to declare while we are running missions and throw a territory into conflict the following happens.

  • Get a notification “Press F1 to declare war”
  • Go into it
  • Start setting it up, picking camp etc(Sometimes the gold is displayed off, said we had 5k today while we had more).
    -I open chat to ask what camp to pick/ or place more gold
    -War declaration disappears and spamming F1 does not reopen.

Today a company that already owns a territory declared another war on the territory i was about to declare but couldn’t since it exited while i was typing “put more gold”.

anyways else got this glitch?

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