Decreasing Population and AFK Timers

Below is a screenshot of the current numbers curing or just around peak hours for the game in the NA. With even the most populated servers only hitting 75% of the max server cap, I don’t see the need to have the AFK timers set so strict now. Allowing us to stay online while stepping away and making sure we can go back and read company chat, or any sales that happened if you had to go take a shower or cook dinner would be nice. I think the game at this time can benefit from increasing its AFK kick from the 5-10 minutes it is now, to 30-45 minutes.

so you can stand at the market all game and play the market hahah

I mean… people do that already, they just have to exit out of the market, move a half a foot and enter back into it. Appreciate your contribution to the conversation though.

Shameless Bump as it seems more people are starting to notice not a real need for this.