Defy Death Rework Suggestion

Only thing degenerate about defy death is healers and bows and firestaffs running away with it. Any rework to defy death should be targeted at removing its ability to be used as a get out of a jail free card while bolstering its bloodthirsty theme as the capstone of the berserker tree.

I suggest changing defy death to work as a “Last Stand” type of ability with no way of it being used as a run away ability.

Rework Idea:

  • 5 seconds immortality (up from 3 seconds). At the end of 5 seconds if the user does not get a killing blow the user dies.
  • The user is immune to all healing effects (the way entomb works)
  • Grants the user an empowered version of Berserk while under the defy death buff that does the following:
    • Grit
    • 30% Haste
    • 30% Empower
  • Getting a killing blow while under defy death returns 30% hp and removes the defy death buffs (immortality and empowered berserk)
  • If defy death is purged, the user swap weapons, or defy death expires before the user gets a killing blow the user will die.
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It’s a berserker build. You should not be immortal…period.

Any other game will give you a huge buff when you have low hp as a berserker, not immortality.

Give it 40% life steal below 50% hp as a passive and make it a melee god that is susceptible to cc… that would make more sense. They can even keep the berserk as long as they remove the immortality from the build. It’s going to be stronger in PVE but not broken in PVP

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Tryndamere would like to have a word with you

Again, that’s a barbarian, not a berserker… and his ult is busted which proves my point

“With Tryndamere, we wanted to fulfill the berserker fantasy, the warrior who pushes beyond pain and uses it to fuel his power.” From the LoL website. Don’t get me wrong I am half memeing, I don’t think we should just straight copy LoL, but they are a pretty successful game and meaningful ultimates that are themed are generally fun.

I don’t even hate your leaching idea but I think thats still worst than the BB 50% fortify under 50% HP due to the amount of disease in the game. If Disease didn’t effect self healing maybe.


Here is counter offer:

  • activates when hp drops below 20%
  • 20% haste for 5sec
  • 20% empower for 5sec
  • 20% increased stamina regen

20% is too low for this games health pools. Thats why BB 50% fortify at 50% HP is so strong. effectively doubles there health pool.

Then make is 30% or to 50%. Does not matter much. Can be adjusted. But if nearby 50% it does need some CD in that case.

it could probably work if it was scaling. Like it activates at 50% hp but only grants 5% empower 5% haste 5% leach and then it gains maximum benefit at 10% hp which is 30% of each. I think if you do it like that though you need leaching added. 30% empower too high though that should probably cap at like 15 or something.

Numbers are just numbers. Can be adjusted.
Point is skill should be reworked to allow user do last effort to kill enemy. And should not have much to allow easy escapes.

So immortality is out of table. Some kind of haste, empower and even life steal is in play imho.

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well the way I described it still involved immortality but eliminated the ability allow an easy escape. If they don’t kill someone while immortal they will just die no matter what. Maybe I didn’t make that clear in the description.

Leave Defy Death alone ! :sob:



The PvE crowd kind of depends on defy death.

Which is kind of lame no? Without Defy death we might see more variety in PVE. Hatchet already does the one of the most damage in PVE why should it also have the best PVE defensive?

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Yea they will have to learn to play now…


Just reduce the duration of the invulnerability.

I stopped there.

Glad you made it that far!

What if defy death put you into an exhausted state immediately?