Delay between skills & weapon change. Also, bow bugged after patch?

Sorry if this has been mentioned already but I feel it’s important to bring up…

I play bow & spear, which I believe to be one of the more popular combinations.
I’ve built my skill tree to support both weapons to be used best together, so the weapons are required to be switched between each other quite a lot in a set combo.

However, the unfortunate delay began weapon switching & skill chaining is a killer (literally). Every second is important in a game like this when it comes to combat. I don’t believe it is server lag that causes the delay, I’m positive it is due to function.

For example on my bow I might use Evade Shot (Q) and then it takes up to 2 seconds AFTER the skill has ended before my next skill activates. I could be spamming my (R) key to use Rapid Shot the moment the first skill has triggered, but it still takes 2-3 seconds after the first skill has finished before the second skill works (dodge works instantly however. Skills should be the same).

Lastly this should probably go in the bugs section but I’ve noticed something funny with the bow since last patch (others in chat have mentioned this also happening with musket).
I was watching a streamer and noticed that when he shot an arrow to a semi-close target, it was clear the arrow hit, but the game didn’t register it and the mob didn’t take damage. I put it down to lag on the streamers side. But the next day when I was playing, the same thing was happening to me. I’m not 100% sure if it’s related to the recent game patch but I didn’t notice it beforehand.


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I do have the same issue. As a healer i find myself often trying to get my heal off and it simply doesnt register at all. Im already doubting my gear(mouse and keyboard), but apperently its okay.

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