Delete: found my answer

Edit: Found my answer. It was permanent bans. My eyes are lazy this morning.

Are these temp or permanent bans? Someone correct me if I missed it, but I didn’t read anything specific on this.

Edit: Ps - I hope it’s permanent.

Attempts… I hope they weren’t banned at all.
Successful… then a perm ban as they are choosing to break the rules.
Accidental… maybe once or twice. After that again, choosing to break the rules, everyone knows duping is wrong.

Unless you are attempting to dupe or exploit something yourself i dont see how this would be relevant to you?
Stuff like this should’t be announced publicly just so to keep the intentional exploiters questioning weather they are gonna get temp or perm ban.

Found my answer in the Dev Corner. It’s permanent bans. And it is relevant to me. If duping persists, I choose not to play. But it seems they are taking appropriate action against abusers.

Lol saying isn’t relevant to me. What a silly notion.

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