DELETE> MUSKET or realy hard NERF

I’ve been playing the game since Fresh server first came.
I’ve been playing OPR for the last 4-5 days and I won’t be entering OPR anymore.
because I get angry and exit the game directly. Honestly, I hated the game. and this hatred is caused by the Damned Musket class.
I die directly with 3 bullets while walking on the road without realizing what is happening.
90% chance I die when I try to get close to them
There’s a 10% chance that I survive and when I get close to them they’re running away from me with the Rapier so fast there’s no way I can catch them.
What Class is this? Who designed this? AGS, I think you should fire the person who designed the Musket. because that person wants the evil of this game.
Please delete or HARD Nerf Musket.

Please do this. because i’m about to delete the game in anger


I guess AGS is waiting for new players to delete the game to nerf the musket…hahaha…

While the majority of non musket users feel the same as you do, AGS decided to buff it and make it even stronger.


AGS is very much apart of the “Get Gud” crowd… if you can’t survive being sniped from across a battleground with a 3x optical zoom scope focused on your face or arrows that don’t have to be aimed with any skill to deal massive damage… you need to get gud.
Muskets/Bows play a FPS version of NW… everyone else plays a mass shooting survival game.


Don’t run in straight lines.
Use some thrust protection
Get yourself a earring with purifying toast and use a reg pot whenever you get hit by a powder burn hit.
There are some more tips but im too lazy rn.

Nerfing the weapon won’t help you and all the others become better.


See… lol… do all that while being shot at by a dozen muskets and it’s cake… so dumb @Akel


Most of the players at my company don’t get into OPR just because of Musket. because they die in 2-3 bullets while walking on the road.
Musket is uncatchable and has incredibly high damage.
I’m sure the players in my company will quit if the situation continues like this. because PVE is only up to a point. Players who complete their items will want to play PvP. but wait, there is a problem, it is a problem that kills you with only 2-3 hits from tens of meters away.
And it’s a fact that you’ll never catch it.

it’s up to AGS, I have 200 hours in the game. If Musket isn’t nerfed, I’ll get bored of the game and delete the game. everything is that simple.
The reason why I’m not quitting the game right now is just because I give it a chance.


AGS also can’t seem to grasp how insanely unfun the ranged mega in opr is. Just take this guy for example, new player loading into opr and getting melted by muskets from across the map, after a few oprs he quits. There are loads of players in this boat. While vets may know how to do deal with a bow or musket, lots of new players have 0 clue, and just get hard farmed with 0 chance.even as a vet player it’s still isn’t fun literally having over 10 bows and muskets shooting you all game. It just isn’t. It’s also not fun how 98 percent of those games turn into a 3 camp spawn camp that ends in 5 minutes. AGS can continue to ignore pvp balance and opr imbalance and the game will continue to lose players daily.


my friend, briefly say:
“Musket is very good for me right now because I can kill someone immediately with 2-3 bullets, no one can catch me thanks to the rapier, I like that it’s extremely strong” write like this. at least you can be sincere :slight_smile:

They’re never going to listen. People have been telling them it was broken to put a long range hitscan weapon into a skillshot and dodge based game since beta. One of the devs clearly must be a musket lover and like hitting his shots without leading targets or accounting for bullet drop and knowing that the enemy player cannot dodge them.


If you want a sincere opinion: if you play a heavily PVP oriented game mode like OPR and run no thrust protection in your gear, you are BAD.

If you have 50con → you have 8k to 9k HP → 2-3 hits is at least 3.5k dmg per hit for the player to be dead.

No musket in the game can do that dmg if you have 10-15% thrust protection.
And if you don’t have 10-15% thrust protection in this musket/bow/spear assassins meta, then you are again BAD.

Musket has no issue the nerfs the devs introduced in the PTR are actually great. They won’t be able to deal that amount of dmg from that far anymore.

Stop asking for nerfs on situations you are not trying to improve yourself first. Improve, get better, play more, ask for suggestions, play in more competitive PVP servers.

Don’t ruin the game with these nonesense suggestions bcs the majority of players don’t even read the forums and most of the devs decisions come from your silly posts. Unfortunately.


hmm still going. really interesting person :smiley:
you are extremely insincere and do nothing but disgrace yourself. what a pity.
I already use 4x emerald gems and die with 4 hits instead of 3 hits. I’m playing 150 con
On the opposite side, 3 muskets are shooting at me at the same time.
dodge won’t work.
Even if you install 10x emeral, it won’t work.
The problem is you can’t escape Musket.
I can escape melees very easily, but musket… I can never escape
I can’t expect you to understand this
because the EYE that does not want to see is blind


Lmao no use to argue but im gonna just tell you this.

Getting targeted by 3 or 4 players in whatever setup has to result with you dying.

You assuming that a player should be able to survive 3 or 4 musktes targeting them is beyond me.

Musket should have a range nerf to like 50 meters so that mages can contest them slightly as well as other melee.

Bow should be king of super long ranged DPS.

It’s actually insane how long this has gone unanswered for.


Then when I get sniped from 100+ meters by a musket I will think “damn that’s a good musket player” instead of “dumb game, hitscan weapon”.


The problem is @Akel those 3 or 4 musket players rack up 30+ kills every game. That’s upward of 120 deaths for the other team. If you think that’s fun for anyone other than a musket player you are correct. If mages were getting 30+ kills each every game from across the map you would be in here like a fly swarming poo for the devs to nerf/delete it. Am I wrong? Would you be fine with mages being able to shoot as far as musket with a 3x zoom so our fireballs hit you in the head for extra damage? Would you enjoy being deleted every time you walked out of the gy by mages you can’t see shooting you from all directions hiding on rocks you have to climb while yelling at you to get good?


Solid point, I love the way my mage attacks just disappear into thin air before they reach the musket player lol


Also this. i think they should remove the hitscan + make it so the range is maybe 50 to 75 meters max that’s it

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This is an on going issue since they released Muskets into the game. There are literally Aimbots available for download. Many of them use it or use the NamePlate hacks to see your location beyond the bushes etc. It’s like we’re playing COD in a MMO. We can report these asshats many times but these Devs do nothing in response.
40-50-80 Kill counts in a single OPR is out right outrages. As mentioned before, imagine if Mages were this OP we’d be nerfed the next week… oh wait they nerfed the crap out of Mages the 2nd Month from release.
Dmg needs to be reduced by at least 20% across the board, this will fix the severe imbalances this game has against this weapon.

New MMOs coming out, think I’ll try something new until they fix Muskets/Bows dmg output.


again? plz, delete PvP from this game!

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