Delete PVP from this game

Please remove pvp from this game, i never see somethhing so unbalance.

In OPR is Roll musket Fiesta, in melee u can’t do anything atm.

Try to play in heave ? u got 3 shots, u can’t chase anything, and u do 0 damage.

U want to win ? Put light, roll and roll and maybe Roll again ? u going to be more strong than a tank :slight_smile:


They arent gonna just delete PvP


PvP != OPR


If you are still playing heavy bruiser on opr or even arenas, there is something else that should be deleted, and it’s not opr.


you must be smoking some good stuff my friend… this is a PVP game and the only thing keeping this game alive is PVP


I mean, there are some pretty egregious balance issues, just not the ones you listed.

Still, this game’s PvP shouldn’t (and isn’t) taken seriously by any significant population of people.


Or just delete your character and go do something else.

Pvp is the only reason as to why the game is still seeing a 5 didgit player count.

Really though, you just need to get good.


Y GS 625 jaja


I agree but I’m sorry pvp is on a very bad state actually.

What about u stay away from PvP?

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U don’t understand or you don’t want to understand because u are one of those ppl who play in light shirking fort :blush:, maybe bow too?

I dont care about ur assumptions and whining reasons.

Game have both PvP and PvE. Nobody is forced to play both. If u dont enjoy a game mode, just dont play it.
But coming and asking to remove a whole mode either PvP or PvE its just … insert ur own qualities.


Months of great axe meta made you think you were good at the game. Now you cannot accept that MAYBE you are just okay at the game. So you lash out.

It’s okay, man. Let it out. Let it all out.


That is not so, no one is forced to play PvP but you are forced to do PvE to be able to “perform” in PvP, which is not the case on the contrary.

While i agree that mellee PvP is in a bad state atm (most of the stuff doesn’t hit), asking to remove PvP is dumb…
Lots of options:

  • Stay away;
  • Join the force and start using ranged weapons;
  • Play more carefully and evaluate the situations better as a melee;
  • Don’t chase, capture points and fight besides forts. Ranged players tipically never go inside

Not really, u can do OPR from lvl 60 and increase ur expertise. But doing expeditions its 10 times faster.

Imagine how many OPR’s you need to drop your gear to 600GS, and that’s just the experience, then how many do you need to drop your gear to 625 (this is faster than experience though) and plus the gear you need.

I like pvp but that’s not true at all. Pvp chased away most of the players and it totally disrupted and destroyed 90% of the servers. We need a better pvp system with plenty of verity that doesn’t control the pve players. Cross server opr, arenas and WARS that are rated with good rewards but doesn’t affect the gathering and crafting folk and their buffs.


the problem is not the pvp system itself. It’s not a perfect system but it’s not what destroys sserver.

The problem is that you can buy BiS gear with gold. This mean rich players can just buy anything they want to have that competitive edge over everybody else. Unfortunately also you could easily obtain gold from 3rd party gold seller.

So lets sum these up:
Players buy gold and buy all the bis gear and have an advantage. These players form a company, attack and obtain EF or WW which should be easier now because they have the best gear. These players now make even more gold because EF & WW typically make millions of gold/week. They can now buy more gear or pay other good pvp-ers to join their company and proceed to take over and destroy the server.

If AGS make it so best pvp gear can only come from drops or pvp track or opr chest then the snowball effect of having gold/territory could be kept in check.