Delete PVP from this game

PVP had been deleted per OPs request. Feel free to move along now.

What do you mean, “You can’t just do that”

OP asked and we were like, heck it, let’s do it! No more PVP. Only PVE here.

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You do sound very reasonably just like grumpy old man :smile: I agree with the most part except the bis gear. 1-2 bis pieces we all can obtain and if the rest it’s decent 2 perks that’s enough to be competitive

this is true but you assume that players have the gold to buy them, you’ll be surprised how many good pvp players that are poor.

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Didnt realize the forums were for venting about being bad at the game.

You should team up with that guy who wants to make pvp “skill based”

Oh and I forget something, why we can cancel animation many skill with light roll and not with medium or heavy please :thinking:?

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game would be better overall if they removed pvp and focused on adding content.

Players are certainly going to start dropping. They cut off PvE and PvP is crap. Already people are like uhhh I have no expeditions I guess ill play another game then. But chances are you’re not coming back at that point. PvP is not keeping the game alive at all. I think we can all say OPR is a joke. No balancing system and a cluster of muskets firing at Baron from way outside the area. Literal dice roll every time. 3v3. No composition balance system…ergo once again. Random. 1 thing must be true in competition gaming. It must start equal and then “skill” wins the game. Noone can get serious when the dam game randomizes every aspect of the fight. WAR the one place you get to have a game plan, and its the most laggy most unreliable instance in the game and is nothing more then overlapping heal and damage circles that unless your a fruit fly, can certainly not understand what’s actually happening rather then just spamming skills in a graphical cluster

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The game has gained players every day since the most recent patch.


Of course population goes up in an event. LIVE EVENT. Don’t know why people keep using that. Wait till after


You might be right. I didn’t do any of the event stuff besides a little bit of fishing, so I don’t know how appealing it is to other players.

It is appealing to crafters since they buy the rarer shards. I don’t craft so I’ve done 0 event stuff :sweat_smile: There’s maybe some good emotes


select directory PVP

/delete PVP

Deleting PVP

. 5%
. 18%
. 39%
. 99%

PVP was succesfully deleted!


Sounds like a PICNIC issue. Ya know, problem in chair not in computer.


The pvp is fun. It could be improved with more maps and balance but imo things are good.

so many threads about opr being completly ruined by the current weapon meta yet ags doesnt say or ACTUALLY DO anything about it is beyond me. while i dont really think bows need a nerf they def have to do something. theres way too many bows - its probably too easy to use. whats so bad about a weapon requiring skill to use? not every weapon needs to be playable for everyone.

also GET FLAMETHROWER OUT OF THE GAME PLEASE!! its such a overtuned skill that doesnt belong in this game imo. you can just stand by while your team does the work and do crazy dmg while just pressing W. its insane how stupid this ability is. (but its fun to use i can agree with that)

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Players also complained about OPR being filled with nothing but GA/WH for the longest time.

AGS just has a bad habit of over nerfing and over buffing stuff.

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Because “so many threads” is the most useless data on earth and responding to them with design changes leads to garbage games.

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I do think there is a direct correlation between “remove muskets from the game” threads and “I’m a musket player and I’ve been erroneously banned” threads.

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Before on arena, I’m against a light flamethrower user, I do like 4 light and one heavy attack and he dont take anything. And for this time without dodge he burn in peace my team, what the hell is wrong? :joy: