Delos bug report post patch

Hey! This is just a report on the bugs encountered on the AP South East server Delos after first day of patch.

One bug of particular concern is umbral shards being consumed but the gear not increasing in gear score, This means players have lost anywhere from 100-10000 shards at any one time. A player named “TORNZNUGA” lost 1700 shards while trying to take his great axe from 620 to 622.

We have also encountered a loading issue when recalling to a house, Parts of the environment load in almost chunk by chunk at a time, While not detrimental to game play it is rather unusual.

The following abilities have also caused poor ability queues after use; Ice Storm, Orb of Decay and Pillar of Fire. After dodging and changing weapons players are encountering stuttered movement, similar to that of the old void gauntlet dash that was patched out. This is not weapon specific as far as we can tell.

The following weapon is applying 60 attribute points in total 30 to 2 separate stats. It’s also appearing as a legendary weapon while not being 600 gear score (Multiple instances of this bug on various weapons) The third perk showing is also quite visually bugged as well.

Thanks for the patch! Can’t wait to see March Dev Video!

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