Desert Sunrise above T2 couldn't be crafted

Title. While Desert Sunrise T2 properly show up in the kitchen it’s not the case with higher tiers, eg Desert Sunrise T3 and Desert Sunrise T5 do not. Even when all requirements are met

Is it a bug or is it expected behaviour?


Hopefully intended as it’s pointless shit that nobody asked for anyway.

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Well, it’s should be clearly communicated then by AGS

@Aenwyn Any info about it?


bump :slight_smile:

@Fenrirskoll @Luxendra Any info about it?

hopefully we get an answer soon

Any update? :smiling_face_with_tear:

You can also get Cranberry Compote (T3) from a Quest in Windsward which increases Stamina Regeneration, but the food item can not be crafted and there is no recipe for it either. Really odd.

The higher tier Desert Sunrise recipes will be incoming soon, though I do not believe they will be in the next patch. Thanks for your patience!

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