Desperate Request: Server Merge Cluster for Barri [EU]

Dear Amazon Game Studios,

The announcement for our serve merge is very disappointing. Barri that is going to merge with Runeberg and Idavoll are all low populated. Let’s do a simple sum up: Barri 200x peak players + Runeberg 150x peak players + Idavoll 150x peak players = make a total of 500x peak players at most. We can’t trust on the assumption that players will be returning once there is new content. They left for a reason and if they are not hardcore they probably won’t stick for that long anyways.

Our server is allready rapidly bleeding dry. The big companies allready left our World, we can’t even fill up OPR. Than again I’m very curious on how AGS picked the world merges together, because this looks like a simple calculation to me.

Problems our company is having at this point due player traffic. Unbalanced faction players, not enough wars, half-filled invasions, long Outpost Rush queues.
These are supposed to be one of the main endgame content, not enough players leads to more quitters. We allready have people who used their server transfer, please give them another free token if your not changing anything about this.

Please reconsider this server/worlds merge and make sure we have enough online concurrent players, stable economy, balanced Factions.

Thank you for you cooperation!

Kind regards,

hi they are doing mergers in steps, this isnt the final merger you will see.

This was the dev response to our servers similar issue earlier

Well as a I pointed out earlier, time is of the essence!

As a fellow Barri player I agree with OP. The server is bleeding dry at the moment and it’s quickly becoming less fun to play. I really don’t want to transfer because of the amazing company I am part of now of which a lot of members have already used their transfers to join Barri.

I’m sorry to hear that it has to be very frustrating. My server that is 1k peak is merging with another similar server so I expect queues to return and resources competition to increase. I’ll be considering transferring into less populated server so maybe things will balance out once the merge is complete and improve before they plan for another round of merge.

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