Despite the Bugs/Glitches/Exploits

I’m enjoying my experience in Aeternum and will continue too.

Whenever I purchase a Game, I rate the Game by Hours per £. Every Hour should cost £1.

The Game cost what was it? £40?

So if I played the Game for 40 Hours or more, I’d deem it definitely worth my time. I know some games are alot shorter. But the principle still applies.

So for me, regardless of whether it’s an MMO or not, I believe the Game has provided enough Game time that has made it worth the price. I could easily take a break from it and come back in a couple months to see how things are progressing, but tbh, taking my time and levelling certain things like Fishing makes the game interesting.

I’m a level 60. And I get people’s arguments about the “no content” issue. However, there’s always 2 sides to every story. There is content when you reach 60. There is higher level quests. There is Expeditions you can do. Then you can also progress your character with all the different Trade Skills and Weapon Mastery.

So I get what you’re trying to say, but maybe you haven’t actually explored the game enough? Plenty of times, I’ve literally just loaded the Game, and explored. Tried to find different places I’d never been to. Took a few pictures.

It depends what you want out of the experience I guess. For me, I can definitely agree that Questing should be improved. All this will come in time and I genuinely believe New World will still be a great MMO.

I’ve seen plenty of people complaining about specific things (rightfully so), yet, they’re still playing the Game. So obviously something is still keeping them in the Game. Which is a good thing. They obviously like the Game and just wanna see a few things improved.

So I hope you’re all enjoying your time in New World and don’t be too harsh on the Devs. I get it. I understand. But as someone who’s been behind the scenes of many Gaming Studio’s. It’s hard work. 20 Hour days. I know some of you will say “that’s not my problem - fix your shit”. I guess that’s a normal response from the younger generation these days. You want things done instantly.

The older generation (I’m talking about people aged 28+), will all agree that Gaming was alot calmer years ago. Alot less toxic. In fact, toxicity was never a word that was used until recently. With the inclusion of Social Media it’s kinda gotten out of hand.

Enjoy Gaming. If you feel that New World isn’t playable right now, play something else. If you’re in a position where you own a PC to play New World, you’re in a fortunate position in your life. Don’t forget that and don’t take things for granted.

I’m super fortunate and thankful that I’m able to play games on a regular basis and still have a job and can enjoy life.

So stay calm out there people and be happy.

Happy Gaming dudes.

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