Destroying Rapier Users aswell

is it a bug or u guys are trying hard destroy the combat entirely???

stuns from riposte are easily avoidable. so whats the point?


They should just make Riposte not work on ranged abilities. That’s a fair change. You can already i-frame the stun. It might seem like a small change, but this would effectively kill the skill… and there is nothing to replace it with for PvP.

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With it being a self stun and all for about two seconds, it isn’t worth taking if it doesn’t block damage

The fact that Riposte’s description says it is supposed to last only 1s but in fact actually has a 2s parry window is laughable enough.

its easily avoidable btw. someone not awful will just hit your riposte and avoid the stun so…

what we’re doing here?
am i going to expose myself in light armor to eat alot of damage (60% of a GA swing is alot for a light user) for literally nothing?

it will become a USELESS skill after this patch. thats the ags intention?

i cant believe they’re so clueless about their own game.

keep it with a invulnerable window but make it vulnerable to ranged atacks and make it ofc 100% stun melees that hit u.

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My point was that Riposte’s parry window is longer than what was stated in the description/intended by the devs, maybe the devs should actually fix this bug and shorten it to 1s as stated.

I don’t think with Riposte taking damage during it’s animation is good, but then again I didn’t think shortening Riposte’s cd by a whopping 40% in patch 1.1 was good either shrugs.

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im ok with 1 seconds

u normally use it after see the swing animation of ur opponent so… if it waste 1 seconds or 2 seconds wont hurt me.

The operative word being “about”. It denotes vagueness. As in I didn’t test it to the thousandths of a second. Just that it “felt” like approximately two second self stun.

But, since I am apparently required to be exact, I tested it to the thousandths of a second.

It lasts 1.022 seconds.

Ripsote change single worst weapon change they’ve done so far.

And it’s not directional as the character appears. Hit a riposte player in the back somehow in light armor you still get stunned. It’s odd.

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