Desync and bugs just keep getting worse?

dodgebug my dodge just turns into a slide and game wouldnt let me double dodge, which resulted in my death…

desync2 I go in to bait the Ice shower. I dodge away but im still hit while being 2 meters away… Another death

desync1 just laughable…

gravwellbug 3 hits every time in meele range

doubledownbug double down talent causing 100% cd refresh in a brief moment

stambug randomly dropping stamina mid regen

New World 2022.04.25 - shield perk working on blunderbuss

New World 2022.04.22 - nice visual bug

lovethisgame desync

All these bugs are just from a few days playtime. Its incredible discouraging to see how the game is just getting worse in so many ways. Literally every single patch is just more bugs and exploits


Hi Loff, thanks for the detailed bug report. I will do my best to get it seen by the Dev team. Take care!

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We’ve been complaining about this for months and months now. I haven’t played the game in probably a month and a half cuz I find the game too aggravating to play with all this desync and the devs not prioritizing this issue.

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I agree I am almost at my breaking point too. I have never seen a more badly made game

Please make sure like for real, I’m from Dry Tree as well as @Loff .
Its unplayable with all the new bugs and desync issues.
I’m in contact with 20+ people still playing the game and most are on the verge of quiting.

  • Shield perks work on other weapons just by wearing it with sword
  • Shirking elemental attacks scale with empower and so on, even tho says BASE weapon damage
  • Instability Gravity well proc extra burst damage
  • Desync/stuttering issues got worse in past week

CC: @Luxendra

I was about to ask about this… Since the last mini patch I find myself desyncing and rubber banding a lot!.. I could not find a post about though it was just me…

Then i found this thread.

And no! CAPS is totally warranted here.
I’ve been playing non stop OPR for past 6 hours, and holy smokes its just unreal.
How do you screw up a patch so bad, its like every time the devs touch the code you mess up something.

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Lag spikes and lag detected are still a problem along with rubber banding that is most likely from the lag and delay in info getting from client to server. It’s a never-ending mess. They need to stop with the new content and stabilize the game though I suspect they can’t, so they are just trotting forward hoping everyone keep putting up with it like we have.

Every single “patch” breaks the game worse and introduces new bugs/exploits. It’s pretty embarrassing for Amazon and the dev team.

Efficient burnout buff showing as: @Status_ManaRegen

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