Desync in PvP Ruining the Excitement


TLDR: Update 1.1 and updates thereafter have critically harmed the stability of PvP, even in small-scale battles including 1v1 duels. The desync introduced throughout these recent updates has ruined the responsiveness of PvP, made melee tracking and abilities feel terrible to use, and made ranged weapons feel unrewarding for aiming and placing abilities and shots well. I’ll admit, I’m a great axe hammer main, but I also play plenty of mage. I couldn’t care less about the nerfs given to my weapons. Some, if not all, were warranted. What I DO care about is if my weapons feel like they actually WORK.
This video, which I’m sure many have seen before, explains what I mean fairly well. As for the title, this applies to ALL weapons in the game, but melee is the worst since it not only affects your damage output and cc, but also your positioning!

This game initially hooked me with its interesting leveling progression and fun, responsive PvP. I understand that, over time, a realization was made that large-scale PvP caused stability issues that made those battles (often wars) extremely frustrating to play, with players apparently freezing when someone were to approach a large group of people/abilities/etc. The fixes implemented for those were sufficient; they allowed for the combat to still be relatively the same in terms of responsiveness.

However, issues obviously came up in update 1.1, when the void gauntlet was released. Ignoring the horrible war lag that resulted from that (which was somewhat mitigated in later patches after addressing high-bandwidth status effect issues), even small-scale PvP has suffered and continues to suffer tremendously. Attempting to duel anywhere close to even a small amount of players introduces copious amounts of lag (players freezing) and desync (abilities not working, abilities hitting during i-frame dodges, etc.). I mean… the devs should try melee dueling near an even slightly populated city or play some OPR. The responsiveness and the rewarding feeling of using your abilities and dodges well while carefully positioning yourself in fights are greatly diminished. At least when people were freezing back when war lag was terrible, if you were hitting someone on your screen with abilities or attacks, they were getting hit. Now people can literally phase through abilites, walk out of stuns, get hit by stuns while i-framing, etc. I get that the balance team isn’t the same group of people that work on things like this, but seeing all of the talk about balance changes with NO communication about how the REAL problems with PvP will be fixed is baffling.


My void blade lights and heavys have about a 50/50 chance of actually connecting.

They pretty much have to be CCd , even if they are standing still in a duel.


Exactly. The only thing that has helped me is getting RIGHT next to them. Like… you should smell the coffee on their breath. Luckily for great axe, this is slightly easier to do with move speed from blood lust, but it’s still terribly inconsistent. I’ve even started to run a strength void gauntlet sometimes so I can scream people and actually hit them with my axe. It’s insane.

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Yes agree its terrible, sometimes out of frustration I just want Alt+F4

I’m not even that proficient when it comes to PVP, but even I can feel a massive difference in where it is now than where it used to be.

This new addition is making my rolls extra buggy. Sometimes I even rolled out of melee just to get pulled back a few meters into a dead corpse… But how was I a few meter ahead and free the tele backed and dead

Ganky af

Oml , i feel this guys pain as this is my pain aswell as a pure melee

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If my void guantlet ever hit without them being rooted… I would be happy.

Well said!

I just wanted to start with this:

The latency of an individual transaction or process is best described by a single number, namely the duration of the process in an appropriate unit . When summarising many latency measurements, a good choice is to capture the distribution of the measurements; that is, the minimum, maximum, and the percentiles.

While latency is never a static number and flucuates depending on certain conditions. New World is too unstable right now, and though it is a new game, this should never have left Beta testing yet in my opinion. Due to corporate policies, i would say they game was pushed so early because it’s a new venture for the company, and/or their budget ran over, and they had to push the game out to create revenue to keep the game alive. But that is neither here nor there. Based off of network statistics, I have been averaging a better connection to the EU servers, than I do to the US east servers (which is where i am from).

Let us all hope February has some answers. If not, the game will inevitably fail due to the layers of misbalancing/exploits/connection issues.

Happy New Year!

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well said

I didn’t see this thread but came here because of the same issues. This is so frustrating, I kinda want to punch someone from AGS. Just kidding.

Massive lag/desync on nearly all GA abilities + Fleche - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

I would think that the servers would follow the same paradigm that Amazon uses for it’s web services. Meaning that servers are segregated into availability zones. Each one located in the actually area in order to reduce network issues. But, it might just be that in some places it is faster to go somewhere else.

Fix this janky ass excuse of a game.

Desync GG

this game needs to shut down and rewrite the code.

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