Desync is creeping back in

game was running amazing after the march patch dropped. after 1.4.1 dropped Ive been experiencing more and more de sync each night. also the weapon queing NEEDS to go. please remove it.


Yes. Its not fun to die by being hit by multiple invisible enemies or that your attacks land where the enemy used to be.


Thank you for saying something. I thought I was losing my mind or my comp is just not beefy enough. My weapon swings have not been hitting and these guys are literally in front of character and I’ve been rubberbanding especially with sword leaping strikes again.

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While a lot of players have seen a massive decrease in de-sync and de-sync related issues, please keep us updated if you encounter the same problems or if it continues to resurge for you. I’ll make sure to get it to the development team.


Can confirm having similar issues. Gotten a bit worse.

To be honest this always happens after a patch. At start it’s smooth and then as time passes it creeps in more and more.

Maybe regular server restarts should be a thing?


It’s getting bad in dungeon instances too. Major delayed spawning of mobs, desynchs and stutter. May just be number of instances in general is taxing.

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I thought I was seeing things, too. But it’s definitely back since latest hot fix patch.
Not as bad as old dsync, but in the most intense situations you start teleporting around, animations don’t show entirely and even weapon bug occurs.

Really want the state of march patch back, it felt soo smooth. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I also noticed that something has been off for the past few days.

I have also noticed that since the hot fix there have been issues - I keep the FPS/latency counters on and they were spiking a lot yesterday.

It wasn’t just me - we had 3 disconnects on one Tempest run, each time they happened during a boss engagement and not with the same person.

Unfortunately, the person who used the orb DC’d on the final fight and didn’t get the kill credit for their tempestuous chest.

I also got spikes but they didn’t DC me, I would spike to 900-2,000+ MS for a few seconds then it would drop back to 40-80. Also just trying to sort my storage between towns kept giving me lag detected. I’m pretty sure I lost a few things - nothing unreplaceable though

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Consider this notification that people are experiencing the issues again… while not as bad as before, things are not running as smoothly as day 1 post patch.


When did you start feeling the de-sync problems come back? Was it after the hotfix as Walruss has had the problem with or did you start having the problems at a different time?


thats true.

i also felt it kinda worse since yesterday

I’ve had it super infrequently but I did notice it happen in a play session last night

Granted it’s still way way way better than before

Yes, after patch 1.4.1 hotfix, noticeably worse

There’s also a lot more FPS stuttering & client crashes. I haven’t hard-crashed in new world since December patch.

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The servers need a 24hr restart. Performance is always way better just after a restart

it was better the last few days, i had more minimal lags outside of wars, but the performance was much better because of much less stuttering, dsync rubberbanding as before the march patch, the game experience was better.

yesterday in opr i had massive dsync and stuttering and rubberbanding again, like before the patch.

I especially hate being caught in invisible ice-showers, I find that extremely unfair when you are simply ported back 2 metres and caught in an ice-shower that wasn’t there before.

It was smoother just after the tempest update because the stuttering was little to non existent but the desync is always an issue for me since the start of feb patch.

I have a 3k EUR pc and my ping stays consistent during these moments which tells me it isnt latency related.

I never experienced the issues in the first few months of the game so i dont know.

Yes. Same. The teleporting isn’t near as bad, but the stutter is worse than before. I don’t teleport back as far or as much but I definitely stutter and mini teleport often.

Very often I’ll do a BB combo and then I’ll do a mini tele a few feet back from where I combo’d and maybe hit one or two pellets and miss my entire combo.

Also, idk if it’s due to packet size or what not, but it takes my computer a whole 15 seconds or so to load google if New World is running.

I have 300 MB internet speed, an RTX 3070 and a Ryzen 9 3900x so I don’t think it’s hardware based.

New world takes up a lot of internet. Would it be better to change my bandwidth mode? Currently it’s on high

I had the same issues yesterday as the rest in this thread, but it was my internet connection (which only has problems once or twice a year). Maybe a network issue somewhere? I’m NA/East, near DC.