Desync & teleporting etc since 1.1 patch

There have been many posts with the same issue, but another post from user “Reiker” explained it perfectly so ill copy paste it here:

Since about 1.1 it has been unplayable for me. In PVE and PVP i get desync, teleporting, etc.

There are two situations that tend to cause the desync: lunging forward and/or colliding with a friendly player. If you swing at someone running away from you, you will lunge forward and even hear the successful hit sound effect but then teleport back a short distance with no damage dealt. If you collide with a friendly player on a melee attack you will similarly teleport back without doing damage. The second one is a big problem in PvE when a lot of people are attacking the same mob.

I have tried EVERY SINGLE trouble shooting method I found on these forums and google multiple times. I will post a Backup Log file here as well from a couple days ago. If you need more logs, let me know

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no reply from tech support. no reply on here. no reply ever… sad

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