Details on maintenance?

Where are the details on the maintenance that I was told to go look for?



yeah, came here looking for the maintenance notice for an ETA.

figured there would be something in the news channel…nope

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Why would you expect them to address us? They literally dont seem interesting in fixing the simple server issues they already have. We’re all locked into servers and wont be able to move to full ones even when they allow transfers. They’re not answering questions because this game isn’t by monthly payment and they think their job is done.

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Server maintaince or reboot i think would fix alot of issues on my server, the dungeon has been bugged for a couple days now. as well as a few other minor glitches.

Hello @KaizokuNeko

You will be able to find it under New World Development Team posts. This is the one posted: [Downtime] New World Update: 1.0.1


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