Dev 3 Video Out!

Ahhhh! Discuss! Watching it now!

My terribly written transcript for people wanting to skim. Full disclosure it’s through my filter and not a real transcript.

Reducing friction:
Reducing Azoth costs
Mutations orb changes?
Storage changes upcoming?

Long-term future:
Easier change first.
Trading post changes longer term
Territory mechanics longer term
Change is slow. They listening and maybe they heard something months ago but it’s in-progress

Bugs Update:

Devs will be seen in game, they doing something secret to remove bots.

Fixed over 1000 bugs with February update.

Fixing voice chat dropping out when going into instances, trophies no longer need to be reset after merge to work again, stacking camps no longer works (NOOOO!), “replace me” bug fixed.

Recognize, there is more to fix. Agreed there will be a future bug fix period.

Ton more valuation when items are created, prevents future dupes? Hmm? Confused.

Adding more ways to get gypsum and umbral. Still seems to be that they want to focus on these mechanics.

OPR rewards, more guaranteed random bump for expertise. Umbral shards/Better gear from cache. Not done with OPR rewards, want to keep working on this.

Improved logging and fishing ramp. Looks like logging is new news?

Feedback on forums gets shredded, jk, they discussed how they take this feedback and funnel it into the dev team. Received 360k entries through in-game feedback, 1 million forum posts. They seem to prefer in-game feedback? Gives them more information? They made machine learning tool to take in all of this feedback. Skynet confirmed.

In-game feedback tools. Kay grips playerbases wrist USE THIS. USE THIS IMMEDIATELY DON’T GO BACK TO TOWN. So they can get immediate data on your character and better context. Best for context dependent feedback. Forums still cool as well.

Merges and transfer tokens. Completed large merges recently. Merged cross set for first time and went well. Will be providing transfer token in future years (meaning this is prior to recent issues) so that is unlikely going to be addressed in the video.

Merges and transfer in progress. Will be constant struggle.

Old stuff. Taking about how to choose a new world with your token. Context, before the recent chaos that happened. So not much new info.

Umbral shards and mutation orbs. What is going to happen? Thoughts? Plans? Insight?

They want to balance challenge and fun. Routinely evaluating challenge and time to get to 625 gear, which is why they are adjusting the methods to get there. So increase Umbral shards from gypsum casts and crafting 600 GS items. Reducing cooldown on mutation orbs from weekly to q3 days.

Unfortunately no real information on why they really have dug into mutation orbs so much. Unless they just hinting back to the challenge vs. fun balance comment and they feel that by opening it up to unlimited attempts that people will get it too fast, so not enough challenge? So maybe the focus on time gating as a means of increasing challenge? All I got so far unfortunately. No new information here that we don’t know :confused:

Combat Stuff

Clunky combat? Plans?

Primary focuses on player experience team. Looking at jumping, fluidity of movement, no forced slowdown after attacking with melee. Should make melee feel better.

Weapon switching

Excited to release it. Feels much better. Guaranteed to happen, but instant, but feels better. (This is resoundingly confirmed by people who have tested in OPR, player base)


Tried to combat bots too much. Making scoring better and more balanced.
Repeated stuff in rewards. Faction tokens.

Want to make it so you can block and dodge out of a start of an attack. Adding ways to front

Void gauntlet and rapier
Rapier too defensive.
Balancing. Assuming they are just talking about the information from the PTR notes we already know.
Ice storm escalated damage bug fixed.


Believe economy is in a healthy place. Generating more coin. Moving more towards inflation than deflation that was present in beginning of the game.

Introduced more coin based rewards. Lock boxes and bags of juniper berries. Daily faction bonus rewards. Evaluating taxes and reducing housing taxes (PTR notes).

Aware that they can go too far and cause excessive inflation. Feeling they are in stable path.

Incentives to PvP?

Aware that competing against EF owners is hard. No solutions in short-term but plan to make it easier to attack than defend to help cycle it more.


Global luck and gathering luck. Different.

Open an elite chest, have 3% luck. Increases probably of getting a named item. Raises the floor. Roll into a higher range. Ceiling is still really high.

Does luck increase odds of getting loot. It doesn’t. Probably of an item will drop. It will change the loot that does drop if it was selected to drop. (Increases chance of NAMED item)

Use term NAMED a ton. Hmm.

PvP mode increases luck. Benefits both gathering and global luck. Gathering more than global, we already know these numbers I believe though right?

Luck doesn’t increase chance of rarity (so uncommon and legendary?). Hmm so what is a NAMED item then? What isn’t?

Does not impact crafting as well.

Most used weapon is hatchet. At time of video. I actually think this was during the hatchet bug, so interesting to see maybe a little disconnect between devs and that is going on in-game? They said it’s because it’s the most versatile. Thinking its popular and not realizing it was people shifting because of bug abuse (although I could be wrong here and it’s naturally popular, but interesting match up on when this was made and when the bug was happening) . Interesting. Void is most up and coming item. Musket least used.

Working towards gear sets. Going to take several months. They want it bad and know everyone wants it bad but going to be technically difficult.

Story line. Looking to tell story better. Discuss story things.

Heretic coming back?


March going to really help pull the story together. Isabella’s expedition?? Reading comments below so not my original thought, credit to them.


Whew, thoughts? Anything I missed?


Elden Ring also has an “END” you can beat it in long weekend.


I don’t know how but I can and can’t believe there are over 1,000 bugs currently in New World. This is insanity.

A lot of talking but not too much exact answer. They go around and around with trigger happiness how amazing that they might be fixed a bug that is in the game since Alpha! That’s it for 15 minutes in the video!
They say how amazing that they see everything in the internal bug reporting yet all reported bug is still in the game after months. For example, the super annoying achievement bug or the Expedition skill notification bug, just to name a few from the hundreds.


absogoddamnlutly not. this is not the way to fix social problems in a social game.

its fine for trying to calculate and balance ability numbers for combat.

not feedback.

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The information is a bit dated as this was recorded early/mid-feb.
They aren’t merging more servers for the reasons I have said…They explained how luck works, if you care, and that’s about it.
I would’ve preferred it if they talked about new content and not about bugs and data- stuff we already new by the time the video was recorded.


I’ll take an END with fantastic replayability over a neverending shitty experience.

Yeah, all that says is “We are only concerned with data driven changes, we don’t care about your thoughts or gameplay experience.”


woops this feed back got lost in the algo.

oh boy.

But pvp arenas?!

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One thing worth noting:
Scot Lane said the march update will be the “final stamp” on the story they are telling- So I’d expect new content and a conclusion to Isabella’s story:

New expedition: Isabella’s Lair?

One expedition is nice but it won’t be enough…two new expeditions, new mutations to older dungeons and a new weapon would be perfect.


id be happy with 1 + all mutations unlocked.

im ready to go back to armine.


Sounds really good. I think they made too many quick changes during the first 3 months. This looks like they are taking their time implementing changes and making sure its the correct move in the correct direction.

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Damn. Shame the gear sets are being planned for months from now - that would really be a quality of life improvement to the way we’re playing, juggling several pieces of armour depending on the content we do - but at least that got to be acknowledged.

Do we know when the February patch drops live?


Didn’t hear it mentioned. Think most people thinking today, this release could be a way to satiate us until tomorrow as well haha. We shall see!

Very good. Excited for the Great Sword and Dagger weapons they said will come to New World as well :slight_smile:

And Finally can move around more with the changes to the azoth cost of teleporting :slight_smile: As much as I love the landscapes in this game, I do not want to keep running for 30 mins each time just to reach destinations haha

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They are telling a story? Past the intro beach area there was no story thread to speak of unless you picked up and read all of the notes scattered all over the world.

There’s another PTR update today, so unlikely to see an update alongside that

Yeah I think there is a pretty well formed story but it’s not too accessible to the players unless you want to read all of the notes. Feel bad because I definitely want to get more involved. I think they should do voice actors for the journal pieces then reset then and let us listen to the audio book haha.

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i just watched it.

good compilation broski

Tried my best. Was just jotting notes as I listened.

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