Dev 3 Video Out!

looks like a stability update was put on ptr.

most likely not till next week. or end of week.

ether way whatever. lets not have them rush another update.

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Aww :frowning: Monday it is? Unless it’s just to briefly test something but seems less likely it’s this week then.

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They do need to add more Custscene to make the stories in the game more immersive. Like some people mentioned in other threads, reading a note from Yonas after what seemed like just another named boss fight in the map is a bit underwhelming. They could have made an intro and ending cutscene on that fight to make it more exciting and give Yonas the importance he should have in the story considering he was supposed to be one of the main soulwarden and protagonist that helped us become a soulwarden as well. A cutscene of Isabella trashing our new soulwarden base and kidnapping Yonas would have also given more life to that important event.


In a way I am happy mostly about the last like 30 seconds of the video. It’s not much and definitely less than I feel they should be doing but the hint at a new dungeon and Isabella’s lair is really refreshing. Just need something to get excited about. Need to grasp at something!

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One of the best parts!


Haha yeah! Ugh so much need. I think Isabella’s lair was datamined to be in shattered mountain? So don’t think Brimstone Sands for a bit then? Still excited. Looked through what I was able to find and see some things in Great Cleave as well, so they got some stuff to add before Brimstone I guess. Just miss that initial feeling of exploration I got with the game, a new area would satisfy that. Plus it looks amazing from the leaked images.

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about damn time.


Hah. Where them lousy crybabies that said musket op hur dur literally full OPRs off it.
Its the least used weapon for a reason. Its got a skill ceiling that LMB players wont understand.
Cant wait for the patch to drop and see how march is then

It was interesting that they said hatchet, it definitely is versatile but it’s eerily around the same time that the hatchet bug was happening. Wonder if that messed with their numbers.

Although it’s a good Weapon for solo play so probably that as well.

For me it wasnt surprising even before the hatchet bug dropped a lot of people play SnS Hatchet, Spear Hatchet or GA Hatchet. Its very popular with light armor and 200 consti on my server

Im so disappointed.

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The video content about luck was trash. The only thing that was said was that it affects the drop rate of named items. What IS a named item? Is this in open world or expeditions? Does PvP luck work in expeditions? How do they feel about players gimping their PvE performance by utilising luck perks? Do pearls work as intended? These are just a few of the unanswered questions which, in reality, wouldn’t take a lot to communicate. Why waste a part of an important video on nothingness?!

Luck (open world) sucks - just bit the bullet and get rid of it.


Ah maybe I should keep my speculation to a minimum haha. Feel like I see so many more GA/WH but I’m just anecdotes here.

I was totally thinking the same thing, interesting how they missed all of those questions which I’ve seen a million times here or on reddit. Perhaps by mentioning them it’s kinda highlighting bugs? For instance the pearl thing? They wanted to focus on what was intended?

The expedition thing I really was surprised they didn’t mention though.

yeah thats not good.

still 3 weeks dry on any sort of trophy mats.

are trophy mats named items? no

should i even be using luck gear?

Thank you for this video ! You have heard your audience ! So excited to see the roadmap and February update changes

This is a subtle thing that came out but didn’t realize. It sounds like it’s fixed in the update but if your have not reset your trophies it sounds like that’s confirmed to not work after a merge. Although luck trophies are such a small contribution anyways.

TBH feedback shouldn’t be the catalyst for a roadmap (or enhanced communication). It’s basic and should have been there from day 1

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I feel like I need to find someone to make a camp ladder into the sky and watch the sunset one final time before this is over. Sigh

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right. i already slapped All of my trophies back on the walls just in case.

it still doesnt answer stuff like pearls which have been a hotly debated issue for months.

i still just want them to show me my rolls + luck mod when i open a thing in consol or something.

there is no way im this dry on ANYTHING good for weeks and months for no damn reason.

meanwhile the 1 specific chud in my company that runs runs maybe a little more than me can walk out with multiple trophies a day. the other guy in my company with great luck does run 4x more runs so i cant complain when they get it.