Dev and CM Appreciation Post

For what it’s worth, I’ve been tracking bugs on a Trello board. Something like this would be nice because then the player base can track alongside and see progress. I’m sure you have something in the works (I thought I saw mention of JIRA somewhere) but would be helpful for transparency.


That’s amazing and would be super helpful. Can we get something like that? @Luxendra

Jira = industry standard, it would be weird of they didn’t use it. Although extremely interesting, I doubt they’ll share it but it’s good to ask I think. It would be interesting to see priorities.

Someone hire this man ASAP. He clearly has the time and you clearly could use some extra hands.


I’m glad you respond to a fluff post. Why don’t you try and get the official word on what is going to happen with all the cities that can’t pay tax so there going from top tier to bottom tier faster than we can find another exploit that won’t be fixed.

We just posted an update here: [Notice] Temporarily Disabling All Forms of Wealth Transfers - #6 by TrevzorFTW Other than that, I have no further information to share. Also, please feel free to utilize the dev tracker to stay on top of our communications!


Thank you for keeping us in the loop, @Luxendra! It’s great to have you guys here.

So what you’re saying is they have a team working on a fix that will make sure it won’t happen again, it’s been stated that people will be banned, but no one at AGS has any time to look into how to fix downgraded cities… This is worse than the GFC. Freezing everything, players quitting, and it’ll be a week at the least to upgrade back to where we were. Can you please ask them to look into that aspect to get a response? Or do they just send you a list of general responses that are the size of a tweet or two.

You can’t trade gold, use trading post, can’t repair your town, because you needed use gold for it, you can make conflicted zone, but can’t make war, because you needed 7/10/15k gold => no wars, and invasions destroying your city. Without tradion post difficult to upgrade the profession.

As a game designer, i do this also. Super organized and i just want to appreciate like-minded thinking.

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Thought that it would help demonstrate that progress is being made, however “slow” it may seem.

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I’m sorry, you said “the Discord” here? It was my understanding there is not an official Discord for New World. I’ve been looking for one for some time. Has this changed? If so I’d be very interested.

Discord is a fantastic way to get information to players faster with systems they already use.

Damn man,

really nice job i just can’t explain how good that is for both community and hopefully devs ^^
I am just stunned by the work u put on that, i hope i could help you somehow :smiley:

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Thanks man, the forums get slammed with reports so I thought this might be a slightly easier way to organize the information. No idea if it’ll be helpful to AGS

I appreciate the positive post, I am enjoying myself in the game as well and look forward to the progress being made on exploits and bugs.

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yeah big respect and appreciation for stressful times keeps us informed and stuff sorry you guys get hate, gamers going to be gamers i guess

I just want to throw in my respects here too.
There is an immense amount of hate, and i’m just like many others enjoying the game, excited for bugfixes, new content and such.

Keep up the good work!


I have stopped all of my NW activity in light of the past week.

However, have been keeping an eye on the dev tracker and AGS is responding in all the right ways.

The recent dev blog on the vision for various aspects is long over do but awesome, so happy to see that.

@Kay You’ve taken a lot of heat here, thank you for your presence and professionalism.


I appreciate the dev trakers communication . Thank you.

Make sure to say thanks to everyone working hard to keep us playing fine