[Dev Blog] How to report Exploits

Greetings Adventurers!

Recently, we released a Team Update Video addressing a lot of major topics like the state of the game, our roadmap, and more.

Please see our updated Exploit Reporting Developer Corner Post: [Dev Blog] How to Report Exploits - Updated

In this video, we discuss reporting Exploits to the team. If you’d like to report an exploit, please DM @Luxendra, @Aenwyn, and @TrevzorFTW and use the following template.

~~> Character Name:
> Server Name:
> Summary of the Exploit:
> Where you can utilize this exploit:
> How did you find this exploit:
> Is it reproduceable? If yes, please list the steps:

As a note: if you record a video to help show the exploit in action, please be sure to leave it UNLISTED when uploading to video sharing sites to help prevent the spread of exploits in New World. Videos are super helpful to the dev team while they investigate an issue and we appreciate them being added to reports, but we don’t want exploitable information to fall into the wrong hands either.

Thank you for helping us make New World the best it can be!